Surname : Strom | First name : Daniel

Distinguishing features : watchmaker, designer and philosopher

Strom. The name of a well-known line of Swiss watchmakers, as well as the brand founded in 2001 by Daniel, representing the second generation. Five letters that have become a symbol of a form of watchmaking rooted in a truly epicurean attitude to life, which involves seeking to live time to the full, rather than merely controlling it. A watch that is not intended to express a certain social status, but much more a certain view of life, of what one truly is. And only secondarily to tell the time.

While Strom is in total control of every aspect, the main aim is to be able to create unreservedly. And it is precisely so as to grasp this total freedom that Daniel Strom left the comfortable upper reaches of an internationally renowned brand to found Strom Prestige Swiss Timepieces – the brand’s full name – in 2001.

The watch, reflection of desires and passions

Initially, prior to presenting Cruizer, his first collection in 2004, the young family business used its knowhow to serve the needs of other brands through private label developments. A motorbike enthusiast, for this first opus, Daniel Strom was inspired by the world of motorsports, which feature materials previously unused in watchmaking, such as carbon. His passion for unexpected material did not stop there, and even less so his desire to make the watch the reflection of our deepest aspirations.

A mysterious object of desire somewhere between watchmaking and silversmithing

It was against this background that in 2010 he presented a new creation unlike any other: Agonium. An interaction between watchmaking and silversmithing, the watch became a sculpture, a veritable work of art on the wrist. It took no less than five years for this new collection to become exactly the stuff of Strom’s dreams: a symbol of our limitations, embodied by skulls etched into the material with rare virtuosity. Angels, dragons and other myths laden with symbolism subsequently come to life in such inalterable materials as gold or platinum, except in some instances where these sculptures are made from materials doomed to oxidise or even rust, as a means of reminding us of the ephemeral nature of existence – and inviting us to live every moment to the full!

The next few years saw the appearance of rings, cufflinks, necklaces, belt buckles and glasses, all different interpretations of the Agonium universe – produced using traditional methods in Switzerland, like all Strom timepieces. In 2017, the brand is presenting the In Memoriam HR Giger watch – the final project by the late Academy Award-winning Swiss artist, HR Giger, to whom we owe the monster in Ridley Scott’s 1979 film, Alien. In this sixth opus in the Agonium collection, the famous elongated skulls of the biomechanoid creature created by this master of the incredible meet the world of the watchmaker philosopher, as a way of stimulating the imagination just a little more.

Authentic and individual

Today, as yesterday, the brand continues to leverage the watch as a vast area of expression, an object of time that reflects a certain art de vivre, a philosophy, a reflection of our intimate questioning. Ideas that are often quirky but always authentic. Thus, each piece can be personalised to suit the wishes of its lucky owner. Because, much more than just a brand, Strom is first and foremost an authentic watchmaking workshop. A pleasant place where the entire family works together in the creative process, including Rosanna and Alexia, Daniel’s wife and daughter, who work behind the scenes, while Loris, his son, breathes new life into the Cruizer collection, for which he is undoubtedly the best ambassador.