ALPVISION - Premières at Baselworld 2009

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Premières at Baselworld 2009

AlpVision premières at Baselworld 2009, the world watch and jewellery show, its solutions requiring no additional marking for the tracking and authentication of manufactured parts.

AlpVision, a Swiss company leading in the development of solutions for invisible protection against counterfeiting of packaging, value documents and branded products, unveils for the first time in Basel, at the world watch and jewellery show, Baselworld 2009, stand K56, Hall of Innovation 3.3, its solutions for the tracking and authentication of manufactured parts, achieved without any additional marking and at no extra production cost.

In the global economy, a distinct competitive advantage can be gained by the capability to authenticate and track a branded product at any time and throughout its entire lifespan, especially in view of the increasing complexity of the supply chain and the continuous development in online sales of valuables.

Marketed under the trade name Fingerprint™, the patented AlpVision solutions for invisible authentication and tracking are based on the microscopic imperfections which are naturally inherent in each and every manufactured object, even if two examples look identical to the naked eye. These microscopic differences enable items to be distinguished one from another exactly in the same way as if they had fingerprints; they are unique, cannot be reproduced and remain throughout the life of the object.

This tracking method is applied to the object as is, without additional marking or other security features. It is invisible, cannot be falsified, does not alter the industrial manufacturing process and incurs no additional production cost. For example, authentication can be carried out based on a photograph of the back cover of a watch, or of the dial taken through the watch glass, without any dismantling being necessary.

Authentication is carried out online via standard digital photographic equipment connected to the internet or mobile networks, thus avoiding the cost and delay attached to the dispatch of suspected objects for examination by experts of the brand.

AlpVision’s Fingerprint™ solutions are offered to branded product manufacturers in the form of a license and the associated turnkey software. More than a billion items worldwide have already been protected against counterfeiting with AlpVision solutions.

For further information please contact:
Roland Meylan
Corporate Communications Manager
AlpVision SA, rue du Clos 12, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland
+4121 948 6464

Cryptoglyph et AlpVision sont des marques déposées d’AlpVision SA. Fingerprint et Krypsos sont des marques utilisées par AlpVision SA.