A new era of watch-shows and a digital world

Someone said we are in the middle of another industrial revolution.

By Sompol Mingkhuan

The revolution becomes obvious when people around the globe start to utilize something that is 'impalpable' using computerized and hi-tech gadgets, storing and transferring unmeasurable amount of data through the virtual cloud.  Virtually, everything can happen in the cyber world.

In 2015, although everyone seemed to be excited about 'Smart Watch', some people were worried that it could, once again, dethrone mechanical watches, just like what happened during the 'quartz rush' several decades ago.  However, similar to several other telecommunication gadgets that come and go quickly, no one at the 'BASELWORLD 2016' has mentioned about the 'Smart Watch' any more.

Due to the global economic downturn, this year, watch manufacturers have to change their marketing strategies, for instance, price reductions for new watch models and new collections being launched as 'new entry collections'.  Even though these changes could be seen as the ways to survive the 'harsh' economic conditions, these new prices simply reflect the 'real' prices of watches after years and years of price hiking without any reasons.  Since we can find everything, virtually, on the internet, the real cost of watches manufacturing is no longer the deepest secret that no one could figure out.

The leaping advance of internet technology does not only allow us to compare watch prices in different parts of the world, but, for some people, it also makes it easier to access some sensitive information and technology used to manufacture a watch, and even pass them along via the internet.  Moreover, with help of computers, a complicated mechanical watch could be made much easier than ever before, the traditional way of watchmaking seems to be on its way to becoming obsolete.  Not only the watch industry that is facing this change, but all sort of industries are also experiencing the same.

The new industrial revolution has now arrived, probably not with a drum roll like the previous ones, but this one shall cause relatively the same magnitude of impact to everyone.