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We are pleased to offer you an exclusive presentation of the new products from the Swiss Exhibitors at BASELWORLD 2015. Please ask for your press accreditation to access all material about these models (HD pictures, texts in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, simplified Chinese).

This timepiece, named 1770 after the year Manufacture Royale was established, captures the very essence of the brand. On the one hand, the creative verve of a bold and contemporary design, straight from the imagination of Eric Giroud. On the other, the infinite expertise that comes with the grand tradition of Swiss watchmaking, channelled into a movement that has been developed and built entirely in-house, and whose centrepiece is one of watchmaking's most compelling complications: the flying tourbillon. As though suspended in its carriage, offset at 7 o'clock, it leaves us free to admire the escapement, complete with a lever and an escape wheel in silicon, the ultimate innovative material to ensure a movement's precision and performance. ...

HYT | Skull Green Eye
The only way to capture the essence of the Skull is to look it straight in the eye. This is the first time that, when you look at the time, time stares right back. Because Skull's eyes are alive. The right eye becomes gradually darker as the 65 hours of power reserve go by. The left eye conceals a continually rotating seconds dial. An "out of the box" watch if ever there was, Skull dispenses with minutes to fully focus on the liquid hours, the signature of an HYT watch. This fluid travels along a capillary in the form of a skull, and bending the glass into this form was a significant challenge. Also, power had to be calculated to be sufficient to push the liquid around the sharp angles while maintaining precision timekeeping over 12 hours. ...

JEANRICHARD | Terrascope 39 mm
Inspiration comes out of the blue for Jeanrichard, whose iconic Terrascope lends itself to two original iterations in a new 39 mm size. The first opts for the laidback, stylish colour of denim with a structured blue dial and a matching ostrich strap. The second stands out for its blue hour-markers which are suspended above a matt white dial. Diamonds embellish the bezel in steel, a metal echoed in the bracelet. In true Terrascope style, these new versions boast the legendary case which encloses a round opening in a cushion shape, all the while playing on subtle contrasts between a vertical brushed finish and a polished finish. Sporting and elegant, both these watches are devoted to a life lived for adventure, discovery and the urge to ...

CONCORD | Mariner Lady
The characteristically relaxed atmosphere of a marina. Long evenings spent on the pontoon, a gentle breeze floating in the air. The inspiration for a sophisticated and modern watch for men and women. Its name: Mariner. Unveiled last year, it now welcomes a new version for women that takes elegance and style to a new level. Crafted from steel, it boasts a delicately diamond-set bezel surrounding a mother-of-pearl dial whose gentle sheen captures the mood of a beautiful summer's evening, overlooking the sea. And yet the eye is irresistibly drawn to the bracelet. Set with an astonishing 200 diamonds, it brings an air of eternity to the wrist. An ode to femininity culminating in 1.053 carats between the bracelet, bezel and dial.

BURBERRY | The Britain S/S15 Runway – The Birds and The Bees
Burberry adds to its watchmaking repertoire a new limited-series collection. Comprising four versions, The Britain S/S15 Runway – The Birds and The Bees is inspired by the hand-painted prints from the Prorsum womenswear show for Spring/Summer 2015. The straps, in damson, daffodil, peacock or dragonfly, are crafted from the same leather worn by the models in the Prorsum show. Each echoes the vibrant patterns of the different runway outfits, in a mesmerising rainbow of colour. As always, design is courtesy of Christopher Bailey, artistic director and CEO of Burberry.

ARTYA | Son of Sound Guitar Race
The independent ArtyA brand rolls out yet another amazing rock-star speed machine with its new Son of Sound Racing model, issued in a 50-piece limited edition. These collector’s watches sport classic racing track colours in shades of red, white and black conveying a hint of 1950s tarmac. Known for watches bearing no resemblance to others on the watchmaking scene, designer Yvan Arpa wanted to express a “Café Racers” world symbolising an era that saw the birth of rock’n’roll. Its adrenalin-pumping new sports an uncompromising design including active pegs to tune the date, time and play with the chronograph. All of which is set to music by a Concepto calibre specially adapted to the Son of Sound Guitar collection and naturally ...

N.O.A | N.O.A Evo
For N.O.A, the onward march of time is about far more than just units of measurement. It is an opportunity to draw upon the past, to live the present moment and to look to the future by evolving towards ever more daring and luminous horizons. The brand is an inspired dreamer that constantly innovates in presenting the new face of its Evolution: Evo. The watch takes the signature N.O.A three-dimensional effects to new limits by introducing a ceramic rotating bezel underscoring the architectural two-part case construction. Further enhancing these depths effects, the dial is also composed of several layers, with a lower part rimmed by a minute track and date displays, while the inner bezel ring creates a multi-level impression with numerals ...

CHARRIOL | St-Tropez™ Style
The new St-Tropez™ Style creation from Charriol has what it takes to spark an instant and deep-felt crush. It single-handedly captures the glamour and sparkle of the famous city on the Côte d’Azur. Not only are the dial and bezel adorned in mother-of-pearl, but this model also adapts to every desire thanks to interchangeable clips and chains. The latter are in turn adorned with white zircons, a gem-set double heart, white freshwater pearls and a wealth of other possibilities expressing exquisite wristworn femininity. The watch also comes with decorative clips that can be easily fitted on the legendary cable bracelet. No less than six different motifs are offered to further convey the mood of the moment. Intensely personal and openly ...

COVER | Cover CoA10 Watchmaker Limited Edition
A hundred years after watchmaker Stadler-Bouché had a building erected on Weissensteinstrasse in Solothurn, Switzerland, Cover pays tribute to its headquarters with a limited-edition timepiece. Like the building itself, this new watch is imbued with a tradition of refined horology. Indeed, shortly after completion, the building was bought by one of Switzerland's world-renowned schools of watchmaking. This is where generations of prestigious watchmakers learned the skills of their trade, until 2002 when this "Uhrmacherschule" moved into larger premises. Cover bought and fully renovated the building, which in 2003 became its new headquarters. Thanks to this new vocation, watchmaking continues to thrive within these four walls. To celebrate ...

GRECO GENEVE | Hexagonal Nut-design LTM-18t
In complete defiance of the adage that "form follows function", Greco Genève has transformed a truly utilitarian object, the hex nut, into a symbol of modern luxury. Fitting a mechanical movement inside a nut-shaped case, threading included, is nothing short of an exploit, yet the Hexagonal Nut watch is much more than a demonstration of expertise inherited from Swiss watchmaking tradition. The first creation in the Les Temps Modernes collection, it conveys the universal values of one of cinema's masterpieces: Modern Times. Like the film's hero, Greco Genève plays around with an icon of the industrialised world, a hex nut, and uses it to propel us into a more optimistic future, where people will be at the heart of industrial aesthetics. ...

ENICAR | Hyperion CH337 Chronometer
Beneath an elegantly sober exterior, the latest addition to Enicar's Prestige collection, the Hyperion CH337 Chronometer, reserves a multitude of carefully orchestrated details. Beginning with a chronometer movement that has been certified by the COSC, the foremost reference for precision and reliability. Indeed, each individual calibre must endure a battery of tests over several days, in five positions and at three temperatures. The exterior is just as seductive as the mechanics inside. A delicate pattern of waves flows from the centre of the dial, before making way for a more traditional Clous de Paris motif around the periphery, where mesmerising diamond hour-markers take their position. The case opts for a classic round shape while a ...

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