Icelink, Symbol of Luxurious Audacity

Los Angeles Outside – Swiss Inside.

From its Geneva headquarters, the Icelink gemwatch brand is poised to conquer new markets in Asia and the Far East due to the original design and ingenious concept of the new 6Timezone Snow collection. Thanks to its flagship 6Timezone collection, the brand already occupies key territory such as Europe, Russia, the Middle East and the United States.

As expected 2008 is the year when Icelink will conquer new challenges. Already, new styles of the 6Timezone are under development. A world premiere will express Swiss Inside with a mechanical model of the 6Timezone. A tourbillon movement will see a new star emerge and promises to reflect a gemwatch creation off the beaten path. In terms of design, the brand's watches will continue to take watch aficionados by surprise and to express without reservation an audacious creation constantly inspired by the city where anything is possible – Los Angeles Outside.

Birth of the Gemwatch

In 2007 Switzerland's watchmakers welcomed into their ranks a new brand inspired by its founder Andy Sogoyan, a mover-and-shaker without complex and veritable icon of Los Angeles craziness. He is the incarnation of the era of no complex, undeniably the inventor of the gemwatch. Icelink continues to overturn conventional watchmaking.

For the past 25 years, Icelink's charismatic collections, a reflection of new trends, have hypnotized the trendy markets. Over the years, the expertise of its creators have contributed to their development through meticulous care and audacity in design: flawless choice of materials (gold, select diamonds), and high standards of craftsmanship.