For over 25 years, the Claret Manufacture has been designing, developing and producing high complicated watch movements for the most prestigious brands. However, it was not until 2009 and the launch of the extraordinary DualTow that the public at large finally discovered the talent of this exceptional watchmaker.

The Christophe Claret brand now belongs to the exclusive circle of independent watch manufacturers capable of mastering the entire production process of Haute Horlogerie watches – from the original idea through to final adjustments.

This expertise, which is nourished by a respect for tradition and the freedom to create, is crystallized into four lines of timepieces: The Traditional Complications collection features unique pieces and exceptional models that reinvent time measurement; the Extreme Complications collection is dedicated to creations as audacious as they are unconventional; while the Interactive Gaming Complications collection serves to remind us that time can also be recreational; the Ladies’ Complications collection where Haute Horlogerie comes in a feminine form.