80 Years of Mechanical Horology

Founded in 1931 by Louis Erard, the watch company has regained exceptional momentum over the past eight years. For its 80th anniversary, it is introducing a brand-new collection named “ Excellence ” and officially unveiled at BASELWORLD 2011. This launch marks the birth of a fourth major line of timepieces signed Louis Erard, combining expertise and fine craftsmanship in an Haute Horlogerie spirit and at eminently affordable prices !

The Secret of a Success Story

Pure lines, elegance with classic and trendy touches, and above all a love of fine workmanship in harmony with the finest Swiss traditions. Louis Erard creates mechanical timepieces because they are vibrantly alive and serve as a reminder that time cannot be recaptured. The watch is more than a machine : the owner can feel it as it turns and occasionally stops. Before being put back on the wrist, it must be observed, touched and restarted – thus creating an authentic and constantly reinvented ritual.

Economic Rebirth

Since its creation 80 years ago, Louis Erard has experienced a variety of ups and downs, including a lengthy eclipse from the early 1990s onwards. The brand was taken over in 2003 by a group of investors headed by Alain Spinedi. His plan was clearly spelled out and involved offering high-quality mechanical watches at decent prices. And time has since proven the watchmaker right, since more than 100,000 watches have emerged from the company workshops over the past eight years. 2008 also saw Louis Erard enter the world of complications with the development of an exclusive module, representing a further step towards Haute Horlogerie at attractive prices !


Excellence A collection that is by definition neoclassical, Excellence merges watchmaking traditions with a modern approach – twin values that have shaped the destiny of Louis Erard for the past 80 years. The mechanical attraction of an exclusive and varied anniversary collection dedicated to aesthetes looking for authentic and legitimately priced horology. 1931 Striking a perfect balance between classicism and originality, quality and accessibility, complexity and understatement, the 1931 Collection embodies the quintessence of Louis Erard in an array of small and grand complication models distinguished by the signature characteristics of Haute Horlogerie. Héritage Classicism, restraint and mechanical traditions are the hallmarks of the Héritage Collection dedicated to devotees of authentic watches and clearly demonstrating that Haute Horlogerie is now within everyone’s means. Emotion An encounter between mechanical watchmaking and active women radiating an aura of sophisticated elegance. Emotion : these seven letters sum up a perfect match between horology and femininity.

Key Dates

2011 - Louis Erard celebrates 80 years of mechanical watchmaking. To mark this anniversary, the Excellence collection – a blend of tradition and modernity – is presented at Baselworld. 2010 - The 100,000 watch mark is passed, underlining the brand’s success story. 2009 - A new milestone on the way to Haute Horlogerie with affordable prices : Louis Erard launches its first in-house module developed together with Soprod SA. 2007 - The 50’000th watch since the brand’s comeback in 2003 leaves Louis Erard’s workshops. In autumn, the company presents its first ladies’ collection, Emotion. 2003 - After 10 years of silence, the brand is bought out by private investors and re-launched. 1992 - The company changes hands following serious financial problems : transferred to Le Noirmont (JU). 1980 - A sustained effort is made to expand the Louis Erard brand, with some success on Asian markets. 1942-1980 - Main activity remains casing for other watch companies. 1937 - The company employs a staff of over 60. 1931 - Production of the first watches under the Louis Erard brand name. 1929 - Foundation of the Louis Erard company in La Chaux-de-Fonds (NE). Corporate name : Louis Erard & André Perret. 1893 - Birth of founder, Louis Erard, on 16 February.