It has taken until 2013 for a brand, Spero Lucem, to decide to inscribe Geneva and its fundamentals within its genetic heritage. This Fine Watchmaking label is reaching well beyond merely placing a prestigious name on a dial. It is not merely laying claim to a geographically circumscribed form of excellence or to a favourable terminology. For Spero Lucem, Geneva its very reason for being, its point of reference and its home. Everything about it is inspired by the city, including its own name taken from Geneva’s famous motto “Post Tenebras Lux” which appears on its municipal coat-of-arms as well as on various public monuments. In actual fact, the motto in full should read “Post Tenebras Spero Lucem”. It is a Latin translation of a biblical phrase from the Old Testament Book of Job (Chapter XVII, verse 12). It can also be translated “After calamity, I aspire to happiness”. To this day, Geneva still owes its prosperity to this patchwork of cultures and to this spirit of openness towards the world; some refer to Geneva’s economic fabric as “an economy of assemblages”, a term especially well suited to watchmaking – and a philosophy forever ingrained in the signature values of the Spero Lucem watch brand.