By opting to bring together all the watchmaking trades under one roof, the julien Coudray 1518 Manufacture is able to offer a new concept of Haute Horlogerie. Inspired by the Renaissance, when the clockmaker julien Coudray invented the first portable watch, every watch - made either from gold or platinum - undergoes the complete design and manufacturing process in-house, starting with the components of its movement. This challenge calls for the mastery and experience of a team of experts, coordinated by Fabien Lamarche. There is nothing to rival precious metals for standing the test of time. Doubtless because watchmakers, more than anyone else, have a firm grasp of the passage of time and a love of precision, the Manufacture has chosen to work only with materials that will survive the centuries, and whose durability will maintain the precision of the watch. Whether for visible or invisible parts, solid gold and platinum, plus traditional grand feu enamelling, are the only materials adopted for making the movement, case and dial of watches, which therefore become inalterable. Similarly, there is no chemical coating or plating involved at any stage in the manufacturing process. True to this desire to leave an enduring mark, the julien Coudray 1518 Manufacture makes and sets aside for every watch produced the spare parts that might prove necessary, even in the distant future. Like julien Coudray, who worked for the most iconic enthusiast of the time, King Francis the 1st, the julien Coudray 1518 Watchmaking Manufacture set out to establish special ties with a circle of enthusiasts that share the same passion. A field of discoveries and innovations, watchmaking of the 21st Century is a world of adventure home to those who make the watches and those who wear them, and those constantly developing watchmaking techniques, not to mention those posing them new challenges. This distinctive concept of a manufacture calls for craftsmen who can listen, advise and create for the collectors and enthusiasts, putting themselves at their service. To this end, and insofar as everything is done in-house and therefore fully controlled, every julien Coudray watch can be personalized, while still being entitled to a 10 year guarantee and a rapid and high-quality After-Sales service. For Fabien Lamarche, a watch is a mechanical work of art, a piece made under the expert guidance of a team of passionate devotees, each of whom in their own field must try to push back the boundaries of the possible. A real driving force of the manufacture, this approach means that every watch is fully produced in-house, from the movement components to the dial and case. julien Coudray 1518 watches are aesthetically pleasing and distinctive, reliable and precise, daring and enduring; thus they represent a move away from a world where productivity and standardization have often overtaken the original product.