Founded in 1988, JORDI is one of the few brands that still hold the name of its Founder and current CEO, Michel Jordi. For more than a quarter of century, he keeps his independence afloat and continues to pioneer where others settle. Swiss Icon Watch Released in autumn 2011, the collection is a natural extension of this remarkable journey. Indeed, it sums up the quintessence of Michel Jordi’s career, putting together his experiences, his encounters and his inspirations. Today, he pays tribute to his native country, displaying its most spectacular aspects through JORDI Swiss Icon and its universe. This unique watch with its smooth, ergonomic shape inspires dreams and invites people on a journey far off the beaten track. It finds its elegance in nature’s unmovable power to move to perfection, creating lines and volumes of universal proportions. This exceptional concept captures the very essence of the planet’s legendary landscapes and places in order to instil a sense of tranquillity and serenity. It blends a resolutely contemporary design with the Swiss traditional art of “paper-cutting”, where precision and skilful workmanship is only available to the passionate and talented artisans. This surprising combination creates a timepiece of strong aesthetics, a watch dedicated to those who claim their own identity.