Philip Stein – Looking Back

Founded in 2002, the Philip Stein Company has brought an innovative outlook to the world of luxury products. By integrating Frequency Technology in the company’s extensive collection of watches, Philip Stein has successfully combined the principles of overall wellbeing with a distinctive watch design. The story of Philip Stein begins with owners Will and Rina Stein. Will, a marketing expert with broad business experience, and Rina, a watch designer, combined their knowledge and skills to develop the iconic brand. Drawing on Rina’s 28 years of experience in the watch business, Will’s extensive marketing background and their newly acquired knowledge that natural frequencies had the power to improve one’s overall wellbeing, the couple set out to developed a watch that promoted health and had an unrivaled appearance, featuring a dual time zone and interchangeable straps. When the watch first became available in 2002, it marked the first time in history that frequency-based technology had been incorporated in a luxury watch brand. The Natural Frequency Technology in Philip Stein watches are key frequencies beneficial to life and health. The frequencies embedded in Philip Stein watches provide information to the biofield that makes the person wearing a Philip Stein watch more resilient and adaptable to stress. Within a year of the official launch of Philip Stein watches, the company was overwhelmed by testimonials – better sleep, less tension, improved concentration and improved overall wellbeing. But perhaps the most important endorsement came in 2003 when media giant Oprah Winfrey featured the watch on her “Oprah’s Favorite Things” show. It wasn’t just the Frequency Technology that was earning rave reviews from Philip Stein customers; it was the distinctive features of the watch. From the dual time zone dial to the window in back offering a glimpse of the company’s Frequency Technology, and the interchangeable watch straps, Will and Rina Stein had accomplished what they set out to create – an iconic watch. Today, Philip Stein watches are sold in 25 countries around the world. The product line has expanded to include a wide range of styles. And, the company has taken its technology one step further, to include lifestyle accessories, including the Philip Stein Wine Wand. The wand uses a mix of natural frequencies to accelerate the “breathing” process of wine, making it ready to drink in minutes. As the Philip Stein Company continues its research into this life-changing technology, Will and Rina remain eager and committed to developing products that will enhance people’s quality of life. Enter the world of Philip Stein in its one of a kind Well-Being Lifestyle Boutique in Kilchberg overlooking Lake Zurich. In a laid back and relaxed atmosphere customers can admire Philip Stein's newest timepieces while sipping on a glass of red wine and being introduced to other exciting Philip Stein Lifestyle accessories. Opening soon.