Between GOLAY and PEARLS, a story spanning over a century

In 1887, Golay set up its business in Switzerland, supplying natural pearls, precious gems and other elements to jewellers and watch manufacturers. 116 years after, Golay has expanded its activities and structured around three principal axes, generating an annual turnover of around 200 million and employing 1700 persons. Production of precision cut synthetic stones, marcasite and other gemstones. Joint venture with Swaroski for the sales of cubic zirconia. Wholesale of cultured pearls, fine jewellery, diamonds and coloured gemstones. Retail operations of jewellery, watches and luxury goods in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Andorra, Portugal, and Thailand

Golay, an activity built around the pearl

Golay has a long history in pearls. Started in 1887 supplying natural pearls, Golay was among the first to introduce cultured pearls from Japan to the European market in the 1920s. It was the first European company to open a buying office in pearl centre Kobe, Japan in 1957. Today, the group is recognised for its experience and expertise in the domain of cultured pearls. Over the years, Golay has built close contacts with pearl producers in French Polynesia, Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Japan and China, and has developed an international distribution network of select retail partners. Golay pearl offices, with the 18th opened in Shanghai in 2002, stretch over 13 countries.