Robert & Fils 1630 enjoy what is probably the longest watchmaking tradition in the world. Abram Robert was one of the first watchmakers in Swiss history. In 1630 he was appointed by the municipal authorities in Le Locle to assess the reliability of the town clock. Nearly a century later, in 1725, Josué Robert was named 'Watchmaker to the King' by Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia. Over a period of nearly 400 years, the Robert family, from generation to generation, has designed timepieces under their own name and hundreds of mechanical movements for the watch industry. Now Gilles Robert, the heir of this amazing heritage, has revived a unique watchmaking tradition by creating exclusive timepieces in classic contemporary style. Each watch made by Robert & Fils 1630 uses fully restored “Robert” movements, and is designed with the help of ancestral know-how and a variety of enamelling and other techniques.