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A fine balance between geometric shapes and exquisite detailing

Passionate about his art, Bedros Tanisman allies his expertise of jewels top swiss watchmaking, to imagine atypical watches with innovative designs. 
The brand’s strength lies in total control of all departments ranging from creation to final assembly. All of it is done in one location, under one roof in Meyrin, Geneva. Offering dreams, such is Bedros Tanisman’s job. With his creativity and a taste for difference, Peter Tanisman, imposes a new vision of watchmaking. Created in 2008, the brand PT introduces models, such as the Carousel impressing the watch industry. The model was shortlisted in the women category at the “Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve” in 2009. With its rectangular and gently curved case to perfectly fit any wrists, this exceptional timepiece is intended for modern women.
For more exclusivity, the movable cylinder at 6 o’clock, offers unlimited customization as stone-setting or engraving. While Peter Tanisman likes to sublimate female wrists, men are not left out; the collection has already four timepieces dedicated to men, with the latest « Marine» chronograph introduced this year, at Baselworld.

Peter Tanisman travels the world to present a new vision of watchmaking:
In 2012, Peter Tanisman watches travelled across continents alongside the greatests events dedicated to watchmaking. Shenzhen in June, Hong-Kong in September, also participating in Top Marques Shanghai last October or Exposure in Watch & Clock in Hangzhou, China in December 2012.
The birth of the brand, Geneva, allowed fans to experience the collection in December 2012 at an exhibition at the Hotel Beau Rivage. The French were able to discover these very special timepieces at the Salon du Cheval in Paris also in December 2012. At the beginning of 2013, Peter Tanisman offered for auction « Watch for Peace » a show at the Gala for Humanity in Los Angeles and another watch to the one held in Berlin. In February of this year, Peter Tanisman attended the Co/art exhibition at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental - Paris. In April 2013, Monaco discovered the latest collection at the show Top Brand in Monaco. It goes without saying that Peter Tanisman travels the world to delight of lovers of fine watchmaking.