Laurent Ferrier offers alternatives to all devotees of classic mechanical watchmaking. The House develops movements crafted in harmony with the finest traditions, while enriching them with high-performing and genuinely innovative technical attributes. Designed for devotees of pure values, it updates horological fundamentals – a renewal of origins that positions Laurent Ferrier as a well-respected member of the exclusive circle of mechanical Haute Horlogerie.


Hailing from a family with a watchmaking tradition stretching back three generations, Laurent Ferrier, the emblematic figure of the brand bearing his name, is profoundly attached to the excellence of watchmaking professions. His 37 years to date in the field of design, technical research and watch exteriors display both his inventiveness and his quest for perfection pursued through a faultless career. Born in Geneva in 1946, Laurent Ferrier took a complete watchmaker’s training course at the Geneva Watchmaking School. Upon graduation, he began his career in movement development and prototype making, thereby becoming familiar with the construction of Fine Watchmaking calibres. His passion for motor sports led him to a change of professional scene for several years. During this period, he devoted his skill to making automobile components, while in 1979, his talent as a driver earned him a third place in the overall rankings of the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race, at the wheel of a Porsche 935T. This performance was all the more remarkable in that the other drivers on the podium were all professionals or even F1 drivers! In 1974, his attachment to watchmaking tipped the balance and he once again became involved in creating new high-end watches and developing products in keeping with the finest horological traditions. .


A watchmaker through and through, Laurent Ferrier always dreamt of giving a face to his own values. This was more than just an intention; it was an authentic aspiration. In 2009, he fulfilled his dream by placing his name on the dial of a grand feu enamelled dial. The son and grandson of watchmakers, he was determined to perpetuate the exceptional nature of Swiss horology. Respect for tradition in no way hindered his creativity. His self-imposed challenge lay in developing completely innovative movements in a totally independent manner. Beneath the perfectly pure and balanced design, inspired by centuries of history, his exclusive creations are the epitome of perfectly crafted and technically avant-garde mechanics, governed by a quest for excellence, performance and challenges. A world apart from the frenzy of design trends and the quest for originality at all costs, Laurent Ferrier is rethinking the fundamentals of traditional watchmaking. The young company harks back to the origins of this expertise, while lending its own contemporary vision of movement construction. This recent development guarantees a degree of precision and reliability bordering on perfection. Laurent Ferrier immediately opted for excellence and rapidly earned chronometric-precision certification from the Besançon Observatory. Success followed swiftly, since in 2010 Laurent Ferrier received the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix in the “Men’s Watch” category for its first creation, the Galet Classic. In 2011, the brand was acknowledged as the most promising by Revolution magazine, which granted it the “Rising Star Award”.


Each Laurent Ferrier watch stems from the same approach based on five essential characteristics:  NEOCLASSIC AESTHETIC APPEAL The historical roots of the case designs lie in 19th century pocket watches that were shaped like pebbles (galet in French). Laurent Ferrier favours simplicity, elegance and above all readability, resulting in ultra-legible dials and a “ball-shaped” winding-crown that is particularly easy to handle. AVANT-GARDE CONSTRUCTION Laurent Ferrier bridges the gap between horological tradition, embodied by a wealth of details and finishes, and industrial innovations. Its movements feature an entirely novel construction and are made from cutting-edge materials, the goal being to achieve a perfect blend of classic aesthetics and ultra-reliable functionality. HIGH-LEVEL FINISHING The high-grade finishing highlights the aesthetic and above all the functional criteria of a movement. Great attention is devoted to details, including interior angles and smoothly rounded manual polishing known as bassinage. The sapphire crystal case-back reveals the finesse of the workmanship. While Laurent Ferrier has succeeded in superseding technical constraints, both the functions and the aesthetic must be irreproachable. It is a combination of details that gives rise to efficient and reliable watches, which is why finishing plays such an important role.  CHRONOMETER-WORTHY PERFORMANCE Laurent Ferrier calibres are high-precision timing instruments. Their accuracy stems from their avant-garde industrial construction. Thanks to high amplitude combined with manual adjustment of the escapement, the rating precision of the Tourbillon Double Balance-Spring movement is quite simply exceptional, with a daily variation in rate of no more than 3 seconds! The precision of Laurent Ferrier movements is duly recognised and certified by the Besançon Observatory.  EXTREMELY LIMITED PRODUCTION The movements are all developed and assembled in Laurent Ferrier’s Geneva workshop. Laurent Ferrier demands extremely high-quality craftsmanship and finishing. Each stage of production is punctuated by meticulous testing and controls. In order to ensure compliance with these high demands, the brand workshops produce only a strictly limited number of timepieces.