METAL CHRONOMETRIE S.A., a company where Passion meets with Tradition Since a few decades, the founders of the new born company METAL CHONOMETRIE S.A. have put all their energy into their passion : Watches. Based in Switzerland and located right in the heart of the Watch Valley, the Company started with a Watch Atelier, repairing, assembling and selling timepieces. Over the years, the business of the Company evolved towards International Watch Distribution. A network of retailers was established mainly throughout Switzerland. Gaining more experience and additional workforce, the scope of operation was extended to few foreign markets like Middle East, North Africa, Israël, Japan and Duty Free Companies. Passion was always there at heart, generating creative energy; the very much longed for wish become stronger: Create their own Brandname. In 2009, after 2 years of development, combining their skill and long time experience, a young and dynamic team made this ever wanted achievement to come true. METAL CHRONOMETRIE S.A. was established with the release of The METAL.CH Watch Collection. Reflecting some of today’s main watch trends, the METAL.CH Watch is designed to seduce a wide group of individuals in search for an ideal shape at the best ratio price‐Swiss Made quality. The ability of the creative team to combine a modern vision of aesthetics with strong concerns for tradition is a solid key to long‐lasting success. METAL.CH – Original Swiss Chronometry Our passion is our job!

The Brandname

Following an extremely successful introduction on the international market in 2009, METAL CHRONOMETRIE S.A. is proud to present The METAL.CH Watch Collection at BASELWORLD 2010. Perfection, innovation and creativity allied to the most advanced technology are the principles which guided the design of the METAL.CH Watch Collection turning it into the STAR player of the oversized watches arena. The trend and demand for big diameter watches have been going stronger and stronger to finally establish this category of products as a full‐fledged segment within the international watch market. The sales performed during those first months of “existence” confirm the collection has all the keys to rise up to an international success in today’s market: - Quality and Swiss Made label - Strong personality, stylish blend of innovation and classicism - Leading technology - Attractive price positioning METAL .CH is determined to capture highest acceptance and recognition amongst the international watch trade and consumers. The collection is positioned in the medium price segment of the market where the greatest potential has been identified. Thanks to their outstanding styling and high manufacturing quality, METAL.CH watches are regarded as true high‐end timepieces.