The Facts

• 2010 Medana presents at Baselworld the 2nd Generation of their Modern – Classic collection of gents and ladies models • 2009 Medana is probably the most efficient watch company • 2008 (July) the first 895 Medana time pieces were delivered to Qatar • 2007 Medana 1903 was re – established in Olten, Switzerland

The Origin

• 1888 Fritz Meyer founded a workshop to produce cylinder escapements • 1897 The first developed and produced calibre No. 38 was dedicated to Mr. Meyer and his partner and named “MST” • 1900 The workshop was transformed into a fully fledged manufacture called Meyer & Stüdeli SA, producing own movements. They were incorporated into the own watches under the brand name MEDANA.

The Success

• 1903 Mr. Leo Meyer became first GM of the newly founded Medana – Watch Ltd. London • 6 new factory sites were built in Switzerland to expand the movement, assembling and finishing capacities. • 1949 More than 500.000 Medana watches were traded through the London based Medana subsidiary

The worldwide Expansion

• 1950 Launch of the first automatic movement calibre 410. • 1952 Celebrity Bob Hope, starring in “ Road to Bali” was featured as Ambassador of Medana time pieces. • 1953 Launch of the Medana ladies Baguette watch equipped with its famous 3 ¾’’’ movement. • 1955 Foundation of the Medana – Watch Corporation, New York