The story of Milus, the brand of finest Swiss watches of the highest quality, begins with the ideal of its pioneering founder, Paul William Junod (1896-1951), to create a robust yet elegant watch - a precious accessory, which everyone would wish to own. With this goal, in 1919 he set up the business at Route de Reuchenette 21 in Biel, which remained in the ownership of the Junod family until 2002. Paul William Junod held fast to this ideal, put it into practice, never deviating from his way of achieving it. Trained and experienced in the art and tradition of the watchmaker's craft, he wanted to work with this potential, to develop it further, in order to make his dream come true

Every object must bear the mark of its time within it and reflect an era, its own. Craftwork can survive, and indeed open up new paths; this is our deep conviction. True contemporary craftwork revives in form and function, and departs from traditional patterns and methods at the risk of temporary lack of understanding. In our workshop the watchmaker polishes the watch for the last time and engraves the serial number. The watch is perfect. It is sent out into the world. It will accompany a woman or a man for many years, perhaps for a lifetime and give pleasure to later generations. For us measuring time is part of our cultural and family inheritance. We grew up here in the cradle of watch making at the foot of the Swiss Jura, here where all technical and aesthetic challenges to people and to the age have been set. Here where people and time were faced up to overcome every possible technical and aesthetic challenge. Paul William Junod


1951 - Paul Herbert Junod After the death of the founder Paul William Junod in 1951, his son Paul Herbert took over management of the family business. In 1961 a new company headquarters was built at Route de Reuchenette 19 in Biel. Awards, 1970-1973 Milus' flamboyant jewellery watches received prizes in three successive years, as part of the Golden Rose of Baden Baden awards. 1970 - Rose d'Or de Baden-Baden award for the La Mer model 1971 - Rose d'Or de Baden-Baden award for the Montre de Poche model 1973 - Rose d'Or de Baden-Baden award for the Avant-Garde model 1982 - Paul and Pierre Junod In 1982 Paul Herbert Junod handed over the company to his two sons Paul and Pierre Junod, who complemented each other perfectly in the management and further development of the company. While Pierre devoted himself to the financial affairs of the business, Paul, the technician and extremely talented engineer and graduate of the celebrated Biel School of Watchmaking, continually developed innovative shapes as well as a new design concept for the Milus brand.

A Milus watch communicates the personality of its owner; the aesthetic aspect must predominate, and must never be overshadowed by perfect mastery of the technology. Paul Junod 1986-2001: Awards From 1986 to 2001 Milus watches were honoured with various prizes; these models feature in exhibitions in leading museums throughout the world. In 2000 the brand was finally chosen and nominated for the special edition The 50 brands of the Swiss watch industry in the 20th century.