Cecil Purnell (CP) is the only Haute Horlogerie brand to deliver exclusively Tourbillons. Founded in 2006 by friends united by their passion for Swiss watchmaking, CP is firmly convinced that the Tourbillon movement is and will remain the benchmark of watch-making expertise. To become a specialist of the Tourbillon, CP limited its focus to exclusively Tourbillons to ensure the highest levels of craftsmanship. It is the pledge to its novice customers seeking to obtain the highest quality. helps us deliver the utmost quality and value, and advance towards our mission of setting the standard in our craft. As artisans, our philosophy hinges upon know-how, independence and attachment to the true values of Haute Horlogerie. Our strategy and efforts coincide with this, including the development of our own in-house calibers, and our achievement of micro-manufacture level. Particular to our alma-matter, the Tourbillon, quantity is the enemy of quality. As such, we voluntarily limit production to less than 50 watches per year. We regularly encourage those admiring our core models to do so with a 10 power loop traditionally reserved for examining fine stones. CP is also one of few brands that is completely transparent on our movement components (available on our website), our watches are 100% Swiss and most of our components are made in house.