Respecting the past while transcending it to offer truly innovative “Instruments of Time”: such is the fundamental principle guiding the development of all Badollet timepieces. The Badollet dynasty’s contribution to horological know-how – over a period stretching unbroken from the clock to the wristwatch – places the brand’s current determination to explore new horizons and to develop all types of timepieces within its true historical perspective. Representing far more than just watches, the objects created by Badollet truly deserve to be called “Instruments of Time”. The “Instrument”, of which the primary functions must be clearly apparent and easy to use, carries two¬fold connotations of technical sophistication and reliable functionality. Badollet revisits technical aspects by highlighting the sophistication of various systems, by reinforcing the durability of the various components, and by giving top priority to consumers’ needs rather than merely to the product performance. Functionality is not perceived as a quest for showy, ostentatious pieces, but is instead carefully thought out and designed to meet the owner’s actual needs and to ensure user-friendliness. As Badollet emphasises: “Almost all of the functions to be developed for the mechanical watch already exist. But they can and must be vastly improved in order to make them more pleasant, more interesting and more innovative from the wearer’s standpoint”.