Swiss company ALine specialises in the finest top-quality gemstones such as Spinels in red, pink and pastel colours, no heat Rubies and Sapphires, Paraiba Tourmalines, Spessartites, Tsavorites, Aquamarines and Tourmalines, characterised by their excellent quality, outstanding cuts and striking colour nuances.

ALine’s customers include prestigious jewellery and watch brands, jewellers and collectors in Switzerland and throughout the world.

The direct access to mines and producers, an office in Bangkok and partners in various countries enables the sourcing of exceptional rough and cut gemstones wherever important findings are discovered.

“Collaboration with our customers is based on trust, transparency and responsibility” says Alexander Leuenberger, CEO of ALine.

Understanding the needs and commercial requirements of the watchmaking industry, ALine offers customized solutions to meet the demands for precise cut gemstones, complex cuts and unusual/rare colours. The partnership with a high-tech cutting factory in Sri Lanka guarantees a strict monitoring from the purchase of rough to the final products.

An ethical business approach, sustainability, traceability and preservation of the client’s identity reflect ALine’s key values.