A unique creation…an ultimate temptation

A unique creation…an ultimate temptation Imagine a wonderful world that offers you your heart’s desire, a world of poetry where a jewel could be uniquely yours, a reflection of the way you are, of the way you feel. The Right Label is an invitation to realize your dearest dreams. Every design in the collection can be customized. White, yellow, or rose gold; white, black, or yellow diamonds; sapphires of every hue – mix and match materials, play with shapes and colours, and discover a totally new dimension of luxury, a world apart. Saunter through the pages of www.rightlabel.com and customise each piece like magic with a simple click. Play with it, let intuition guide you in creating your own personal masterpiece. See your dream become reality. The Right Label offers you the finest of the earth’s treasures by selecting materials and gemstones, from the best locations around the world: Thailand, South Africa, India, Tahiti… precious or semiprecious gemstones, to ensure exceptional, enduring quality. The Right Label has acquired a wealth of experience and the assurance of uncompromising quality by selecting the finest craftsmen the world over to create its designs, which are then set and stamped by a Swiss master jeweller. A unique piece of jewelry will be a part of you, a reflection of your personality