The Only Brand Name Based on ‘Jewelry’

BijouMontre means “Jewelry Watch” in French. BijouMontre is a brand that is committed to making top-quality jewelry watches with ‘genuine diamonds and gemstones’ for ladies. BijouMontre’s technical team includes gemologists, jewelry designers and gem setters to ensure that the company’s beliefs and ideals are upheld. Color diamonds, fine gemstones and specially cut diamonds are often used on BijouMontre watches. BijouMontre utilizes these luxurious and rare diamonds and gemstones to bring women around the world truly unique timepieces that speak glamour. Every BijouMontre Model is Produced in Limited Quantities Only Only a limited number of watches are available in each BijouMontre watch series.

Crowning Swiss Watches

The founder of BijouMontre, brings 50 years of experience in the Swiss timepieces industry with a world renowned team of experts to make BijouMontre the leading brand of Swiss timepieces. BijouMontre’s logo is a crown formed by the letters ‘B’ and ‘M’ with the “ ”, which is a signature of Swiss watches. This logo represents BijouMontre’s ambition to ‘put the crown’ on Swiss watches and become an industry leader. BijouMontre hopes to use their signature ‘Swiss jewelry watches for ladies’ to bring women all around the world unique watches that are full of life-force. Dazzling yet Subtle Classical Elegance and Unsurpassed Taste With the efforts of BijouMontre, luxurious jewelry watches are no longer barely-attainable items. Instead, they become classic masterpieces that you can wear on different occasions. BijouMontre discovered the glamour and brilliance of the BijouMontre watch. It reflects comfortable and appealing light and is an outstanding work of art around your wrist. BijouMontre is a practical timepiece that tells the precise time while it shines. Being tasteful in your daily life – persist on being stylish. The design follows the trend of the world and represents your personal style. Bring prestige into your life – persist on using precious gems to allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of civilization. A heritage of watch-making craftsmanship – persist on a “Swiss-made” watch that combines designs usually seen in jewelry and the practicality of a wristwatch. The gems used on BijouMontre watches are all Top Wesselton / VS diamonds and top-class natural gems. With the excellent designs of BijouMontre Swiss SA, the diamonds and gems are mixed in so many different ways that make the watches present a sense of richness and design that are different from the watches made by any other existing Swiss brand. BijouMontre emphasizes that each design be a perfect combination of top-quality jewelry and exquisite Swiss craftsmanship. Therefore, every BijouMontre design is produced in limited quantities only. BijouMontre represents uniqueness and value. Since its debut in 2004, BijouMontre has been highly rated by every consumer. This success can be attributed to the excellence of BijouMontre’s design and craft teams.