The Company

Switzerland is renowned globally for its natural beauty and great industry. It is therefore no surprise that Accurate timepieces, manufactured by Accutime Ltd. in Bienne, Switzerland have been highly successful since its inception eleven years ago. 

Providing eccentric timepieces with the use of fine materials and unsurpassable craftsmanship has allowed the company to carry on the Swiss tradition of excellence and elegance. Accurate Swiss Watches are made available at affordable prices to suit all personalities, styles, and budgets. Over the years, Accurate has built a reputation by providing affordable timepieces with the finest available materials and simply does not plan on stopping now.

Watch with a Mission

In 1989, Accurate Watches were introduced in Bienne, Switzerland. The company had decided that although profits were important, it would focus on producing fine Swiss-made watches to sell at prices that would encourage retail customers to wear a Swiss watch because it was affordable. The correctness of the decision was reinforced when the ‘USA Today’ published a survey on attitudes about purchasing Swiss watches. Watches made in Switzerland, the survey reported, are considered: "high quality," "fashionable," "expensive," " status," and "want friends to see."

The decision by Accurate represented a turning point in the history of watch manufacturing in Switzerland. For the first time, superb craftsmanship was affordable for more people than ever. Since the first Accurate Collection was introduced, the commitment to high quality and affordability has earned the company global recognition. In just a decade of production the company now boasts of a wrist share of over 2.5 million timepieces. The appeal of Accurate Watches emanates from their styling and their country of origin - Switzerland - where fine watches have been made for hundreds of years. Now, almost anyone can proudly wear a watch from Switzerland, an Accurate Watch. 

Absolutely Swiss. Absolutely Affordable