About traser swiss H3 watches

traser swiss H3 combines functionality, authenticity and aesthetics in all its timepieces. Beyond fashion and passing trends, the timepieces of this Swiss brand are distinguished by their unique ability to assure constant visibility of the time display at a single glance, also in complete darkness and under poor visibility conditions, thanks to the legendary in-house manufactured trigalight® self-activated illumination technology.

trigalight® is self-luminous: it requires no outside power and it glows uninterruptedly, all day and all night. It needs no maintenance and it continues to glow for decades. 

traser swiss H3 watches are produced at its headquarters in Niederwangen, near Berne, Switzerland. The brand’s identity and reputation have been forged by its uniquely winning combination of Swiss craftsmanship, robust design, uncompromising functionality and the state-of-the-art self-activated illumination technology, and a convincingly competitive cost-benefit ratio.

Each timepiece is designed and certified to uphold the high Swiss Made quality standards and built to take whatever life dishes out. A traser swiss H3 watch is predestined to accompany its wearer reliably through daily adventures, most demanding missions, rough-and-tumble sports, outdoor activities and spontaneous discoveries – and well-planned journeys that suddenly take unpredictable twists.