One Woman's Dream

For a long time Gisèle Rufer has a dream : creating a symbol for femininity, a TALISWOMAN of recognition for women around the world.

The company

In 1996, Gisèle Rufer decided to create a unique watch. With her vast experience in the watchmaking industry she realized there was a need to offer women a true choice in timewear, to offer them an elegant, high quality product, worthy of the strengths, beliefs and individualities of women the world over. A watch that a traditional watch company could never imagine, a symbol of the excellence of women in all fields. She gave it the name of her father, DELANCE.

It's Time for Women

Created by women and for women of the new millennium DELANCE expresses values, power and creativity of women through the universal symbolism of its watches. Life - Harmony - Spirituality

The watch that tells your story

DELANCE has the particularity to create with each woman a very unique watch. Set with specific number and type of precious stones it can celebrate your birthday or the more precious hours in your life.

The difference

Bold, sensual, gentle yet strong, this jewellery watch is like no other. The case is an example of pure artistic and technical pro-wess. Hand-sculptured from a block of steel or 18K gold, 41 separate operations are necessary to achieve this perfection in a DELANCE timepiece. The curved scratch-resistant sapphire crystal lends an air of transparent softness to the case. The delicate arch of the case wraps comfortably and effortlessly around the wrist.

The possibilities

DELANCE can be personalized to complement a particular outfit or mood. An ingenious system of easily interchangeable bracelets and cabochons allows a change of colour or diamonds or precious stones at the touch of a finger. The caseback can also be engraved with a personal message or date.

The quality

In creating each DELANCE only the highest quality materials are used. Fabricated entirely in Switzerland using only Swiss components, each timepiece meets the demanding criteria of haut-de-gamme watchmaking standards. Equipped with a Piguet mechanical calibre or an ETA quartz movement, it features an anti-shock mechanism, water resistance to 30 metres and a two-year guarantee.