Jaermann & Stübi, The Time Piece of Golf

In 2007, Jaermann & Stübi launched the first luxury watch with a mechanical golf counter. In less than 2 years, the success of this watch, and the success of the following models, allowed this young company to make its place in the watchmaking industry as well as on the golf courts all around the world.

Elegant design, impeccable functionality and superb engineering skills are the key characteristics of this Swiss watch brand for golfers. The entire watch mechanism is provided with a shock absorber and both the watch movement and the integrated golf counter are designed to be entirely mechanical. Jaermann & Stübi have developed their products on the basis of top-quality innovations combined with tradition and exclusivity.

Technological advances

Yard-meter conversion
Many sophisticated golfers indulge their passion on both sides of the Atlantic. Because the distances for the holes are given in yards on one side of the pond and in meters on the other, Jaermann & Stübi developed the “Trans Atlantic”. A table on the rotary bezel of this model shows the most common golfing distances in both meters and yards. This makes it easier for a golfer to select the right club, even though the distances on the course are not given in his accustomed measuring units.

COSC-certified chronometer movement
With the “Trans Atlantic” in 2012, for the first time, a watch by Jaermann & Stübi is equipped with a COSC-certified A10 caliber automatic chronometer movement. The movement has a 42-hour power reserve and is attractively decorated with a Côtes-de-Genève cut and blue screws. The movement is visible through the glass back.

Mechanical golf counter complication
The Trans Atlantic model has a mechanical counter for the number of strokes at the hole to be played, a totalizer for the overall score after 18 holes played and a retrograde display for the hole being currently played. The rotary bezel allows players to compare the played score after a round of golf with their handicaps.

Shock absorber
Forces between 20 - 40 G are generated within a millisecond during a golf swing. These forces are reduced and the movement as well as the complication are protected by a shock absorber designed especially for golfing.