Biography of Manuel Bouvier

Manuel BOUVIER started his career working for Cartier in the High Jewellery department that was also later to include the Cartier Museum. Learning what the market was producing in fine gems and discovering the legacy of the Cartier period jewellery, he developed a taste for unusual and refined designs.He then collaborated with Marina Bulgari who teached him a certain rigor in designs and fantasy in colours. 

Today, using skills of craftsmen in Europe and ancient techniques from India he creates pieces to present the gems he purchases, from expensive stones to old forgotten materials; jades of unusual shades, chalcedony in old fashion hues. He creates unique pieces for clients and friends that have to be wearable, understated and not too baroque.

Craftsmanship is at the centre of his production. “It is important to me to try and draw a line between the “jewellery industry” highly mechanised and rational and high jewellery in the old sense, marrying stones and materials in creating a one of a kind jewel”.

Also active in the Fabergé Foundation who’s trying to reveal and protect the legacy of one of the most important jeweller of the past century, gathering archive data and records that were blown apart by the revolution of 1917.Located in the heart of historical Geneva his office is a gathering place for gem enthusiasts and collectors.