Adriatica is an independent company that has been producing high-quality watches for more than 80 years. However, the history of the brand can be traced back to mid-nineteenth century. 

The brand is closely related to the Swiss Watch Company established in 1852 in Montelier. In 1931 the Swiss Watch Co. registered the brand Adriatica and started to produce watches under this name. Since then, the company has kept its main principle: to provide customers with high quality watches of contemporary design at fair and reasonable prices.

Adriatica was seen as an esteemed and notable brand due in part to their production of gold and gold plated watches for ladies and gentlemen. The models were very popular in Europe, especially in Scandinavia. Then, the brand expanded and entered new markets in Eastern Europe.

The turning point for the brand came in 1962. Adriatica launched their World Champion model which quickly became one of the most popular watches of the 1960s. Thanks to its strong design and up-to-date technologies the watch was extremely attractive to gentlemen interested in progress and perfection. The introduction of the Adriatica World Champion proved to be an important step in modernising the identity of the brand.

Currently, Adriatica creates watches of contemporary styles and designs: from bright dress watches to chronographs and sophisticated models with complex technological solutions. The company uses only the best materials, including stainless steel 316L, gold, ceramic and titanium, as well as modern technologies like PVD which guarantees the durability of the coating.

Every Adriatica watch is stamped with a 'Swiss Made' sign. The label proves that the product meets the high standards of quality, reliability, accuracy and appearance that are mentioned in Swiss legislation. 

During its history, the company moved its location from Biel/Bienne to Basel and then in 1962 to Camorino in Ticino, the southernmost canton of Switzerland.

The canton of Ticino borders Italy. For decades, Italian influences have been key to the designs of Adriatica. They bring a gentle touch to the spirit of the brand, which is especially visible in the ladies’ collection. 

Today Adriatica is an internationally recognized and well-known brand represented in 35 countries all over the world, including Germany, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and the USA.