A watch never fades

Time flies, but we inherited wings from our tradition; we consider it our responsibility to nurture this precious heritage in order to pass it on to future generations. Humans have always dreamed of flying, and Emile Chouriet chose to echo this dream with its first timepiece, “Les Ailes du Temps”, inscribing the motif of wings in the DNA of our brand. Jean Depéry, the founder of the manufacture, descends from a family involved in the watchmaking industry in Geneva since the 17th century and chose to name the company after Emile Chouriet, a gifted 17th century watchmaker for whom his own ancestor, François Dagobert Depéry, had produced components. The name is a testimony to the founder’s vision: a tribute to the collaboration between his ancestor and the master watchmaker, it underlines the continued importance of the union of talents and expertise in the field of luxury timekeeping. In 2012, as we opened a new factory in Meyrin and reinforced our team of talented craftsmen and professionals, the founder’s daughters, Marion and Sophie, both joined the company as marketing manager and art director respectively, bringing a breath of fresh air. Since then, the wings of our original design have mutated into waves, butterflies, petals of flowers or solar rays. Each new timepiece helps us forge our identity at the same time as it is inspired by it, enriching a catalogue that combines overall coherence and constant innovation. Today we produce in-house mechanical movements and are currently developing our own assortment, the beating heart of the watch movement, a once in a lifetime opportunity for a watchmaker. We ceaselessly redraw the parts to find to perfect curve and manufacture the perfect balance; timekeeping is poetry in millimetres.