Founded in 1950

Sellita is an independent company specialized in assembling mechanical automatic watch movements. Well aware of the technology changes in a competitive market, Sellita decided in 2003 to develop and produce their own mechanical movements.

Strict standards

Sellita is a successful leader in the watch industry with a considerable volume produced. Our company combines the master of the watchmakers’ craftsmanship with rigid quality standards. This has been the key idea of our work and it is the reason for our dynamic development. Over the years, this philosophy has enabled Sellita to provide mechanical movements to the mid-range as well as top-of-the-end markets and watch brands. The newly developed products and activities provide us with higher flexibility, allowing us to handle each order individually as regards to the desired quality and quantity.

An ever growing products portfolio

With the successful introduction of the movement SW 200, Sellita has kept on developing and further calibers have been introduced in the marketplace. The introduction of the caliber SW 300 by multiple luxury brands has reinforced our market position and presence. Sellita is gaining recognition for stable production of quality products and will keep on developing to meet the increasing demand from our customers.