"News_10-02_Regatta", "file"=>"SH_PressNewsBW_2010.html", "name"=>">February | Haussman Regatta"); $newsletters[2010][2]=array( "dir"=>"News_10-03_LE125", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_March2010.html", "name"=>">March | 125 Anniversary"); $newsletters[2010][3]=array( "dir"=>"News_10-04_Valjoux", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_April2010.html", "name"=>">April | Coloseo Valjoux"); $newsletters[2010][4]=array( "dir"=>"News_10-06_BlackRacing", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_June2010.html", "name"=>">June | Coloseo Black Racing"); $newsletters[2010][5]=array( "dir"=>"News_10-07_Worldcode", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_July2010.html", "name"=>">July | Worldcode"); $newsletters[2010][6]=array( "dir"=>"News_10-10_TheLine", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_October2010.html", "name"=>">October | The Line"); $newsletters[2010][7]=array( "dir"=>"News_10-12_HauteCouture", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_November2010.html", "name"=>">November | Haute Couture"); $newsletters[2011][8]=array( "dir"=>"News_11-02_Coloseo", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_February2011.html", "name"=>">February | Coloseo Flower"); $newsletters[2011][9]=array( "dir"=>"News_11-03_Worldcode", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_March2011.html", "name"=>">March | Worldcode Automatic"); $newsletters[2011][10]=array( "dir"=>"News_11-04_Opera", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_April2011.html", "name"=>">April | Opera"); $newsletters[2011][11]=array( "dir"=>"News_11-05_Haussman", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_May2011.html", "name"=>">May | Haussman Forty7-24"); $newsletters[2011][12]=array( "dir"=>"News_11-09_Coloseo", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_September2011.html", "name"=>">September | Coloseo Moon"); $newsletters[2011][13]=array( "dir"=>"News_11-10_Orsay", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_October2011.html", "name"=>">October | Orasy Bronze"); $newsletters[2012][14]=array( "dir"=>"News_12-02_Opera", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_February2012.html", "name"=>">February | Opera Black"); $newsletters[2012][15]=array( "dir"=>"News_12-03_Audacy", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_March2012.html", "name"=>">March | Audacy"); $newsletters[2012][16]=array( "dir"=>"News_12-03_Ambassador", "file"=>"SH_PressNews2_March2012.html", "name"=>">March | Ambassador"); 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$newsletters[2013][25]=array( "dir"=>"News_13-08_Lutecia", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_August2013.html", "name"=>">August | Lutecia Lady"); $newsletters[2013][26]=array( "dir"=>"News_13-09_Lutecia", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_September2013.html", "name"=>">September | Lutecia Gents"); $newsletters[2013][27]=array( "dir"=>"News_13-11_Carrousel", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_November2013.html", "name"=>">November | Carrousel"); $newsletters[2014][28]=array( "dir"=>"News_14-01_Coloseo", "file"=>"SH_PressNewsJanuary2014.html", "name"=>">January | Coloseo Valentine"); $newsletters[2014][29]=array( "dir"=>"News_14-02_Lutecia", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_February14.html", "name"=>">February | Lutecia GMT"); $newsletters[2014][30]=array( "dir"=>"News_14-03_Euphoria", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_March2014.html", "name"=>">March | Euphoria 1 Carat"); $newsletters[2014][31]=array( "dir"=>"News_14-04_WorldcodeGMT", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_April14.html", "name"=>">April | Worldcode GMT"); $newsletters[2014][32]=array( "dir"=>"News_14-06_Artcode", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_June2014.html", "name"=>">June | Art Code"); $newsletters[2014][33]=array( "dir"=>"News_14-08_Euphoria", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_August14.html", "name"=>">August | Euphoria"); $newsletters[2014][34]=array( "dir"=>"News_14-09_WorldCeramic", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_September14.html", "name"=>">September | World Ceramic"); $newsletters[2014][35]=array( "dir"=>"News_14-10_Accessories", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_October14.html", "name"=>">October | Accessories"); $newsletters[2014][36]=array( "dir"=>"News_14-11_OperaPiano", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_November14.html", "name"=>">November | Opera Piano"); $newsletters[2014][37]=array( "dir"=>"News_14-12_ArtCodeAutomatic", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_Decembre14.html", "name"=>">December | Art Code Automatic"); $newsletters[2015][38]=array( "dir"=>"News_15_01_Audacy", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_January1.html", "name"=>">January | Audacy"); $newsletters[2015][39]=array( "dir"=>"News_15_02_Tour_Eiffel", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_February15.html", "name"=>">February | Tour Eiffel"); $newsletters[2015][40]=array( "dir"=>"News_15_03_130thAnniversary", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_March15.html", "name"=>">March | 130th Anniversary limited edition"); $newsletters[2015][41]=array( "dir"=>"News_15_04_Audacy", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_April15.html", "name"=>">April | Audacy"); $newsletters[2015][42]=array( "dir"=>"News_15_04_Rallye", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_April_Rallye15.html", "name"=>">April | Rallye Acha des Gazelles"); $newsletters[2015][43]=array( "dir"=>"News_15_06_ArtCode", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_June15.html", "name"=>">June | Art Code Lady"); $newsletters[2015][44]=array( "dir"=>"News_15-10_TourEiffelLady", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_November.html", "name"=>">November | Tour Eiffel Lady"); $newsletters[2016][45]=array( "dir"=>"News_16-01_Charisma", "file"=>"SH_PressNews_February.html", "name"=>">February | Charisma");



The world over, its elegant style and watchmaking expertise attracts lovers of contemporary creations. Offering all the assurance of Swiss Made quality, its timepieces have a unique character and are crafted in the finest materials with eye-catching details. SAINT HONORE offers watches, jewellery and accessories that continue to fulfil the desires of the day. At its two manufacturing sites, SAINT HONORE brilliantly combines craftsmanship and a passion that remains as fresh as ever. With a strong emphasis on innovation, SAINT HONORE has created the "Éclair EffectTM", the Rotating Monogram, the Panoramic Glass and one of the first Tourbillon watches for women. These innovations feature on the leading timepieces in the collection: Opera, Euphoria, Lutecia, Caroussel, Coloseo and Haussman. Celebrating its 130th Anniversary in 2015, SAINT HONORE is a global brand, recognized for its distinctive style and represented in more than 60 countries. SAINT HONORE’s latest creations celebrate with brio the brand’s byline, "A style to remember", as well as its unique values: elegance, tradition, innovation and passion.


CITY OF LIGHT Not many brands have a street in their name! SAINT HONORE creations are appreciated worldwide for their bold, sophisticated and unmistakable style, where meticulous attention to quality and innovative design combine to create a timeless elegance. Paris, frequently called the City of Light, is the inspiration for SAINT HONORE in creating its timepieces. Legendary Parisian address, temple to Haute Couture, home of the great jewellers and watchmakers and symbol of French art de vivre, our establishment takes its name from the rue Saint Honoré. Here in the heart of Paris, SAINT HONORE has chosen to open its exclusive flagship store at number 326 on the street that echoes the name of the brand. TRADITION SAINT HONORE is a true watchmaker, involving itself in all stages of the manufacture of its watches, from design to assembly, from quality control to distribution. With its two workshops utilizing centuries old traditions and expertise and blending them with modern design trends, SAINT HONORE creates a contemporary collection designed to meet the tastes of discerning audiences worldwide. Only the highest standards of craftsmanship prevail for SAINT HONORE. Every watch is assembled individually, inspected and adjusted by hand. All SAINT HONORE timepieces bear the Swiss Made label, synonymous with the utmost quality. Launched in 2005, the Tourbillon 1885 Collection has firmly established the brand’s credibility and technical virtuosity amongst the elite of watchmakers. INNOVATION Along with tradition, innovation is the true driving force of the company. SAINT HONORE has always placed great emphasis on the development of new technologies, the search for new devices and the quest for new ideas. Launched in 2005, the Orsay Tourbillon 1885 was one of the very first Tourbillon watches designed especially for ladies. This prestigious model was the inspiration for the rotating monogram, a true signature to be found on selective watches in the SAINT HONORE ladies range. For men, the disc-chronograph innovation is a totally new way of reading the time, whilst the panoramic glass offers an exceptional in-depth view of the movement. PASSION SAINT HONORE’S story has always revolved around passion - a passion for watchmaking, tradition, expertise and design. But SAINT HONORE is also passionate about art and sport. On the art scene, SAINT HONORE has been active alongside famous painters and photographs. And world-renowned sport events like the America’s Cup or the Le Mans 24 Hours have been the theatre of SAINT HONORE achievements. Precision, accuracy, excellence - all values that SAINT HONORE shares with these prestigious and demanding events. They are also a chance for SAINT HONORE to put its watches to the test under actual racing conditions and create truly unique timepieces. Perfect examples are the Limited Edition Haussman Regatta or Orsay Black Racing, which have become the wristwatches of choice for many of the world’s great sailors and drivers.