The Story Marvin Watch Co

The Marvin Watch Co is a fine Swiss watch making brand founded in 1850, whose central beliefs have never been so true as they are today: passion, audacity, an ethical approach and humour. Marvin enjoys an outstanding reputation for beautiful, mechanical, reliable and precise watches – rich in history and style. Sweeping aside existing codes After distinguishing itself in more than 70 countries, not only for the quality of its movements but its modern, inventive and elegant aesthetics, Marvin is again brushing aside watch-making codes. Marvin - new time, new codes. A great little brand Marvin perpetuates its original and creative sense of style, through classic designs lifted by a dash of daring; a sense of detail, both in concept and finish; a sense of humour, through timepieces, which are technically faultless, and an elixir against all things morose. An inspiring story continues on the shores of Lake Neuchatel, the cradle of Swiss watch making A QUESTION OF VALUES Marvin creates its collections for people who are open minded and curious, who choose a watch simply to please themselves – people in love with authentic and exclusive products at pleasing prices. To make a difference By placing more emphasis on comfort than prestige, quality over appearance, Marvin seeks to create an attachment based on trust. By attending to details that create the difference, the brand seduces collectors of elegance that is sleek, refined and full of character. A beautiful love story, but also one of humour, for Marvin can make fun of itself and reinvent codes. Marvin is seriously funny! Proud of its past, but facing the future Marvin is always in tune with its time. Eternally young for the past 150 years. THE COLLECTIONS - TIME FOR AUTHENTICITY The Marvin Watch Co is back at the forefront of the scene, with surprising new collections that combine mechanical and quartz movements for men and women. The brand’s great tradition of creativity is a constant in each originally conceived model. A design with character Marvin designers favour a dynamic and elegant style, elevated by original detail: a three-pointed crest engraved on the crown and the clasp - the emblem of founders’ Marc & Emmanuel Didisheim; leather straps bordered in red and always a red detail at eight o’clock. A sense of quality Reflecting true watch making values, Marvin watches are manufactured in the best Swiss workshops with great attention to materials and finish. Watches are equipped with Swiss made mechanical or quartz movements and are available at prices that come as a surprise – a pleasing price for authentic watches. Marvin – a timeless and resolutely contemporary spirit for now, for tomorrow. A FLUID HISTORY In 1850, the brothers Marc and Emmanuel Didisheim create a watch company at St-Imier in the Bernese Jura. Due to the quality of its products and the dynamic nature of its distribution, the company experiences rapid growth. At the beginning of the 20th century the brand adopts the name Marvin after one of its American partners – a pocket watch enthusiast. It takes as its symbol, a three-pointed crown, representing an inverted letter M. After conquering America, Marvin emerges as a point of reference among Swiss brands. Over time, it has produced millions of watches including models that have become genuine collector’s items. For the four generations of Didisheim who have succeeded one another at the company’s helm, the main goal is always to offer quality products. Early on, the movements manufactured by Marvin acquire an outstanding reputation and are sought by other leading brands to equip their designs. Marvin is also hired to produce an official watch line for airline companies such as KLM and Air France. In a constant quest to improve the quality of their products, the Didisheim brothers are often pioneers, developing numerous patented systems. Marvin also builds its success on the aesthetics of its products – a style both simple and refined, always ahead of emerging trends. This creativity combined with the quality of its products has earned the brand popular support from numerous celebrities, including motor racing drivers Ascari, Stirling Moss and the renowned Fangio. In the 70’s with the expansion of quartz movements, Marvin joins a powerful watch-making group, the Manufacture Suisse Réunie (M.S.R.), which encompasses other reputable brands. In 2004, it reclaims its independence under the leadership of a group of passionate individuals, determined to re-ignite the brand’s glow and dynamism.