Hebe was the goddess of eternal youth and the cupbearer of the gods in Greek mythology. Daily they relied on her for serving the holy food and drinks. She captivated them by performing along with the muses and graces. In the Greek Pantheon she represented trust, seduction and immortality. Since 1901, the Hebe brand has embodied these values and has expressed them in its timepieces. Founder Constant Périat, a watchmaker by trade, wanted to produce affordable collections that combined the attractive elegance of a finely crafted statement with the robust craftsmanship of Swiss watchmaking. The late 1940s saw the beginning of a new world spirit. Founder\'s son Gilbert Périat, understood that watches were more than mere mechanical devices telling time. He believed that they could also be a luxury product of great magnetism. Fired up by his vision, he set out Hebe to conquer niche markets. In the United States of the Fifties, awash in the radiant glamour of Marilyn Monroe, Hebe successfully caught the wave with a special concept. Given the choice of a basic collection, watch lovers could have their timepiece customised with a wide array of gems and diamonds in the image of their number one Hollywood star of the age: sparkling, shiny, sexy and seductive. The success of the strategy spread further to Cuba and other islands in the Caribbean. Having swept into the new world, Hebe now sets its sights on discovering the mysterious Chinese market through the official Swiss delegations that traveled there on regular basis. In the 1960s, the brand became one of the first Swiss watchmakers in its segment to establish a foothold in China with luxury gold plated mechanical watches. The recognition of the brand was based above all on its ability to market high quality watches at reasonable prices. The strategy proved to work elsewhere as well, including in the Middle-East and Africa. In the 1970s, the Swiss watchmaking industry underwent the famous \'Quartz Revolution\'. Hebe adapted its women\'s collection to the market, but maintained its trust in the tradition of Swiss watchmaking and continued to bank on the return of mechanical watches. The brand even added skeletonizing to its high-level skills, cutting away as much as possible from the bridges and dial, so that Hebe customers could now see the workings of their watch and the fine finishing of each component. For more than two decades now, Hebe watchmakers have been amongst a select few able to manufacture open-heart pocket and wrist watches. Hebe, as it has always done, makes the rich heritage of the Jurassien watchmaking tradition available to those seeking luxury at a reasonable price. The creativity of the brand finds its expression in different combination of metals, in daring skeletons, or even original complications like chronographs with a power reserve or moon phase complication. Hebe\'s portfolio includes classical works, and by building on its past and looking to the future is also able to produce but also watches that are dignified and poised as well as elegant and eye-catching. Hebe\'s current mission is to become the first independent brand to introduce its watchmaking heritage to a range of famous world artists. Instead of ambassadors, the brand is seeking collaborators, to blend the experience and craft of the other. The limited series of artwork-timepieces will push the limits of watchmaking and at the same time kindle the inspiration of the artists involved. The result will be unique timepieces of great beauty and youthfulness, a true homage to the goddess whose name graces each of the brand\'s products.