The success story of the Swiss Watch brand DOXA takes its beginning in the year 1889. The founder, Georges Ducommun, was born in 1868 in the Swiss town Le Locle in the Canton of Neuchâtel. When he was 12 years old, he became an apprentice in a workshop assembling pocket watches. He was such a hard worker that by the time he was 20 years old, he opened his first workshop and only one year later – in 1889 – he established the company “Georges Ducommun. Fabrique DOXA”. Very quickly, success knocked at his door. His professionalism and his flair made miracles happen. DOXA expanded and soon employed a staff of a few hundred workers in its workshop on the Rue des Billodes in Le Locle. It’s due to the company’s success, that in 1912, Georges Ducommun, acquired the manor “Château des Monts” located above Le Locle. For many years, he and his family enjoyed living in this stately property – today home of the world-renowned watch museum. Thanks to G. Ducommun’s pioneering spirit and technically revolutionary inventions, DOXA has become a leading household name in Switzerland and abroad since beginning of the 20th century. In many ways G. Ducommun was ahead of the times. For example, as the first automobiles started replacing horse drawn wagons, G. Ducommun developed the DOXA 8-Day caliber, which he patented in 1907. This movement was used by Bugatti, Mercedes, Peugeot and many other car manufacturers and was later also installed in ships and airplanes. His credo was: produce top quality watches at a reasonable price. This is the principle he applied, diligently, until his death in 1936. The year 1957 marks another milestone. The beginning of the Grafic series. A watch with simple, straightforward lines. The Grafic watches still belong to DOXA’s most successful products. In 1967 DOXA introduced the DOXA SUB. An extraordinary diving watch with two sensational new improvements: A unidirectional revolving bezel with integrated zero hour diving chart and a fluorescent orange dial that provides optimal readability even under extreme lighting conditions. This new model for professional divers was realized in cooperation with the renowned sport diving organization in the USA, headed at the time by Jacques-Yves Cousteau. The watch is well-known worldwide, uniting a whole community of fans and divers. DOXA is proud of having designed such a model – a best-seller from the 1960’s till today.