Lalique story began with René Lalique (1860-1945), the famous "avant-gardist" artist who was able to create beautiful and original works with any assembled materials (gold, wood, precious stone, glass...). He revolutionised the jewellery art with its famous "Art Nouveau" style, he developped the perfume bottles industry, and made a lot of glass creations much sought-after.

Nowadays, Lalique's legend continues : LALIQUE is a worldwild luxury brand with a long experience and a recognized know-how of modeling glass and crystal.

1990, crystal jewellery collections are launched and 9 years after, Lalique watch activity starts combining in its Ladies' lines the technicity and the performance of Swiss-made watches and the elegance and the delicacy of crystal work.

Lalique watch goes on not disappointing us this year 2002 : the luxury brand is extending its range by penetrating the universe of men watches getting inspired by the automobile world. It was not easy, but Lalique did it.

Why choosing the automobile world to build a new men collection ? because sportscars and Lalique have been linked since the early thirties...

Did you know that René Lalique drew and built in 1927 the first radiator cap for cars -called "Mascot"- in crystal for his friend André Citroën, the famous car constructor ? In all, 27 "Mascots" created by René Lalique existed… Did you know also that René used to draw the Targa Florio trophy that awarded the winner of the prestigious automobile race around Sicilia at the beginning of the 20th century challenging the "gentlemen drivers"...

2002, that's why Lalique decides to create its new watches for men inspired by mechanisms of the Roaring Twenties : among many examples, wheels become dials, hubs and wheel cap stamps inspire the crown and the bezel, seat belts and safety straps of radiator caps help to design the leather strap... "Mascot" and "Starter", both Swiss-made, were born to our delight.