Damiani S.p.A., founded in Valenza in 1924 and leaded today by the third generation, is the flagship company of the Damiani Group, a leader in Italy in manufacturing and marketing high end jewelry and luxury watches. Active in the jewelry sector with prestigious owned brands such as Damiani, Calderoni, 1840, Salvini, Alfieri & St. John and Bliss, the Group also manages various lines of prestigious international brands under license. The Group owns the Rocca 1794 chain, which has over 200 years of experience in retail sales of the best known brands of watches and jewelry. The Damiani Group operates in Italy and in major world markets through its operating subsidiaries and manages 32 stores and 51 franchises situated on the main streets of international fashion. With a tradition that is centuries-old, the group is careful to interpret its historical heritage with respect for its tradition and with the innovative spirit of its origins.