Gérald Clerc is dedicated to inventing the future of fine watchmaking. While his timepieces could not hope for a finer mode of expression than the ancestral know-how of which he is the modern-day guardian, they are currently interpreted through a far more daring approach. Gérald Clerc is already laying milestones embodying state-of-the-art research in the fields of space and deep ocean exploration technologies, somewhat like archaeological testimony to a future in the making. Synonymous with a break from traditions, his mechanical techno-luxury creations follow the dictates of a single rule: inventiveness. Each conceived as a unique work of art, Clerc watches yield no concessions in the drive toward creativity, innovation and quality.

Clerc Genève

Founded in 1874 and based in Geneva, Clerc is endowed with a rich and inventive heritage to which unique creations continue to bear witness, these include one-of-kind models crafted for royalty, heads of state and artists, in keeping with this longstanding tradition handed down from one generation to the next, Gérald Clerc cultivates the family passion for exceptional horology. Clerc manufactures an exclusive and limited selection of mechanical watches offering a broad range of complications and original functions, several Clerc creations can lay claim to the title of “world premiere”, bespoke models are developed and crafted on request. Clerc watches are hand-crafted in Switzerland according to the highest standard of Haute Horlogerie.