Swiss watchmaker renowned for intricacy in craftsmanship and purity of style. The reflection of Art Deco traditions. The embodiment of ageless refinement. Destined for an appreciative clientele that values the discreet sophistication of an authentic and trusted name.

For BEDAT & Co, authenticity and subtlety are a genuine luxury. We uphold a watchmaking concept inspired by the Art Deco tradition while expressing a highly contemporary spirit and we know that the most elaborate design can give rise to the purest lines. A BEDAT & Co watch means the delicate beauty of natural-colored diamonds, the discreet refinement of a rose gold bezel nesting in a yellow gold cushion-shaped case, the luxury of a rare rolled-edge hand-woven alligator strap, or the comfort of a case delicately curved to mold a feminine or masculine wrist. The sophistication of a BEDAT & Co watch often calls for considerable technical expertise. When you check the time on a BEDAT & Co watch, you are looking at a concentrated blend of Swiss horological mastery, a quality known throughout the world and an integral part of the BEDAT & Co philosophy. Each BEDAT & Co watch is struck with our “ ” maker’s mark and comes with an A.O.S.C.® certificate: Appellation d’Origine Suisse Certifiée (Certified Swiss Label of Origin). This hallmark along with this strict charter guarantee the Swiss quality of both the skills and the components used in each stage of its production. We pursue our quest for timeless refinement through ongoing customer care conveyed by a personalised approach to luxury. Owning a BEDAT & Co watch automatically makes you a member of the Bedat & Co CONFIDENTIAL club that offers one year’s free access to the world’s most prestigious concierge service: Bedat & Co CONFIDENTIAL in partnership with Quintessentially.


October 8th 1996 Christian and his mother Simone Bédat found BEDAT & Co. In 1975, Simone Bédat and Raymond Weil join forces in creating the Raymond Weil brand. In 1995, Simone Bédat decides to sell her 24% stake to Mr. Raymond Weil. She leaves the company in July 1996 along with her son Christian, who joined the firm in 1990 and served in various capacities, culminating in a post as Art Director. Basel 1997 They present their first collections at the Basel Show: No 3, No 7. Ref. 304 and Ref. 314 are an immediate success and are still the best-selling models to this day. 1998 BEDAT & Co are sold in Switzerland and in the United States. December 8th 2000 Gucci Group acquires 85% of BEDAT & Co and incorporates the company into Gucci Group Watches. It is now 100% owned by the Gucci Group. 2003 Launch of the No 1 collection. 2004 Launch of the No 8 collection. 2006 Departure of the founders. 2007 BEDAT & Co celebrates its 10th birthday and launches the exclusive Bedat & Co CONFIDENTIAL concierge service in partnership with Quintessentially, the leader in this field. 2008 Launch of the No 2 collection. Launch of the e-boutique: BEDAT & Co becomes the first Swiss luxury watch company to open its official online boutique.


(Appellation d’Origine Suisse Certifiée – Swiss Certified Label of Origin) To ensure the excellence of its Swiss components and skills, BEDAT & Co applies a strict charter to each stage in the conception and production of its watches: the A.O.S.C® (Appellation d’Origine Suisse Certifiée – Swiss Certified Label of Origin). Swiss watchmaking expertise, acknowledged the world over, serves to guarantee quality in terms of technical aspects such as reliability, accuracy and shock-resistance; as well as aesthetic appeal by means of original designs. This traditional craftsmanship is now adapted to incorporate new technologies. To earn this certification, each BEDAT & Co watch must meet the following criteria: • The conception and development of our watches is undertaken in Switzerland. • All of our movement parts are machined and finished exclusively in Switzerland. • Our cases are made exclusively in Switzerland. • The components of our watches that cannot be made in Switzerland stem exclusively from the European Community. • The watches carry the logo maker’s mark. • The straps are hand-sewn. • The noble materials used in making our watches respect international conventions and are ethically “sound”. • The watches are assembled and tested in Switzerland. This is the commitment made by BEDAT & Co regarding the quality of the products.

THE n° 1, n°2, n°3, n°7, n°8 OF BEDAT & Co: Differentiation and Timelessness

When BEDAT & Co was launched in 1997, its management chose to adopt a global brand concept based on the powerful values of differentiation, timelessness, refinement and sophistication. The collection names were an integral part of this approach and were chosen in order to reinforce these values. Each number corresponds to a philosophy or to an aesthetic principle. Within the watchmaking world, watch names are rarely consistent with the timepiece itself or with the brand. That is why the BEDAT & Co collections carry numbers. Representing a unique case in watchmaking, this name system endows the watch lines with a genuine sense of consistency and unity. The numbers are easy to memorize and convey a universal and powerful symbolism. The numbers do not follow on from each other and are not associated with any particular chronological order. The first BEDAT & Co collection is thus not called No 1, which was created well after No 3 and No 7. At BEDAT & Co, numbers are timeless.


The BEDAT & Co logo represents a figure eight, originally formed by the two “Bs” of Bédat & Bédat. The figure eight is a universal symbol of perfection and infinity. It is the number of cosmic equilibrium, meaning the order of the universe, the harmony between the earthly kingdom and the heavenly kingdom. Within the Chinese culture, the meaning of the figure eight goes well beyond that of universal order, since it is a lucky number symbolizing prosperity. In Cantonese, “eight” is pronounced “fa”, exactly the same pronunciation as a character meaning “to get rich”! It is often used to depict the hourglass, a sign of the passing of time. This logo is also the watch company’s maker’s mark. It was registered on February 10th 1997 at the Precious Metals Control Central Bureau. Each part carries this mark, thereby guaranteeing its Swiss origin. Today, BEDAT & Co watches immediately stand out from the crowd, largely thanks to the figure that continues to appear on all models and in various guises: interpreted as an applique, surrounding the counters on a chronograph model or escaping from the dial and alighting on a watch lug…