Authentic Time

For more than a century the company Auguste Reymond has produced watches in Tramelan, a village located in the the Jura mountains, the very heart of the Swiss watch industry. A place far away from the hustle of the big cities, a place where time is still a value on its own, not just a matter of ephemeral trends or fast money, a place where we can take our time to create timeless beauty.

Our collection features exclusively mechanical watches. In some of them you can still hear the beat of original UNITAS movements, which have been produced by the Manufacture Reymond until the late seventies. We also use a large variety of complicated movements, including power reserve indication, second time zone, full calendar as well as a selection of the legendary Valjoux chronographs.

If our watches follow the somewhat nostalgic pace of their mechanical movements, their design, a subtle blend of references to the aesthetic highlights of the twentiest century and high-tech engineering of the new millennium, always places them at the avant-garde of contemporary horological creation.

Far aside from the current global marketing strategies of the big luxury groups our independant, family-owned company offers you the genuine luxury of an authentic product, that is manufactured only in small series, and that is still assembled by hand by craftsmen whose skills have been transmitted to them by generations of watchmakers.