The Swiss brand Aquanautic was launched in mid 2002 by four experts from various watch making horizons. All are inspired by water, explaining the brands' name and their choice of settling the show room in the historic clock tower of the famous Place du Molard. Situated in the centre of Geneva next to the lake, between the elegant rue du Rhône and the busy rue du Marché, this monument is a strategic land mark for Aquanautic since it's history begins with water and time giving. As of the 14th century the clock tower was part of the lower city enclosure protecting the port and Place du Molard with countless boats drawing up alongside it flooding the central square with the flow of their cargo. It became the harbour office which dealt with all the merchant ships sailing on the Rhône and it's famous clock indicated the time. Regular visits from many watchmakers were required to keep it in working order. One of them, Nicolas Besse, was granted the bourgeoisie of Geneva. Aquanautic watches are already famous around the world combining aesthetic and technological characteristics. Inspired by water and motor boats, each watch has a patented propeller second hand along with a crown-locking system assuring an excellent waterproof guaranty. These distinguishing features sign the brand identity. Another of Aquanautic's trait is the opportunity to customize the watch yourself thanks to a multitude of interchangeable bezels, straps and masks.