About DeLaneau

DeLaneau is an independent watchmaking brand, dedicated to quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity. We manufacture exceptional timepieces, combining the disciplines of engraving, enamelling and gem setting. Our artisans develop outstanding collections and made-to-measure creations. Our key signature is the mastery of Grand Feu enamelling at the highest level. Mechanical movements, elegant complications and creative high-jewellery timepieces complement these remarkable works of arts and crafts. Each DeLaneau is a pièce unique and tells its own profound story.

Our heritage

Since our foundation 1949 in Biel, Switzerland, we have been creating exclusive timepieces. Our heritage is in jewellery watchmaking. From 1997 on we further expanded our creative endeavours. 
One year after the birth of our atelier in 2001 we broke new ground in haute horology complication. Together with the legendary manufacturer Christophe Claret, we were the first watch brand to create a jewellery tourbillon for women. This grand complication series expressed the delicate gem setting and enamelling techniques for which our brand has become renowned. Yet another demonstration of our visionary character was the introduction of dials in volume. Evidence of how we merge know-how with our creative goals was the creation of our unparalleled 1608 jumping hours and minutes display. This elegant complication allows for unprecedented creative exploration on the dial. Honouring our heritage, we continuously seek new ways of mastering the art of gem setting. Our “Eclat” and “Magic” creations are a grandiose expression of our dedication to jewellery watchmaking. 

For our achievements, we are recognized as forerunners and true artisan watch house. Our jewellery tradition combined with our mastering enamel craftsmanship shapes who we are today.

Our philosophy

DeLaneau – Inspiring stories and outstanding craftsmanship.
We support an independent and free mindset in all our creations. Each creative process is ignited by a visionary impulse. Great ambition and a willingness to take risks are needed to embrace this creative spark.

We are dedicated to outstanding craftsmanship. Each piece takes time to evolve. DeLaneau timepieces are made in hundreds, not thousands.

We wish to inspire with our creations and are inspired by nature’s multifaceted beauty. Every watch we create tells its own profound story.

Our timepieces

Our collections, all inspired by nature, celebrate and showcase outstanding craftsmanship. Each pièce unique tells its own inspiring story. Apart from our collections we also offer the creation of made-to-measure watches. Our clients have the opportunity to consult with us and create the timepiece of their dreams. In each case, a DeLaneau is a one-off creation that can never be duplicated.