Albert Froidevaux & Fils SA was founded in 1926 in La Chaux-de-Fonds by Mr Albert Froidevaux who started his business as a supplier of watch spare parts.

The rapid success of the company led a large majority of the world’s most prestigious producers of watches to chose Albert Froidevaux & Fils S.A. to distribute the spare parts for their products in many cases on an exclusive basis.

Over the years, the family business expanded to include tools for watchmakers and jewellers and Albert Froidevaux & Fils S.A. is now one of the leading wholesale distributors of parts, tools and equipment for watchmakers, jewellers and clockmakers and to both the precision and optical industries.

The company also develops its own range of tools, electronic equipment and components for quartz watch repairing which are marketed under the ETIC Switzerland brand.

The watch packaging side of the business is entrusted to a subsidiary company, Centre Fournitures Manufactures d’Horlogerie SA, CFMh, founded in 1964. Watch parts and batteries are pre-packaged in an internationally accepted standard form which facilitates the after-sales service of all mechanical and electronic watches.

Albert Froidevaux & Fils S.A. is known world-wide for its service, competitive prices and for the convenience and advantage of being able to obtain all items from one unique source.

Overall, hundreds of thousands of different products, ranging from the smallest screws to complete machines, are stocked by Albert Froidevaux & Fils S.A in their vast warehouse in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.