How to build success on time itself

In New York, in Hong Kong, in Zurich and all points in between, Swiss quality watches give the time with dependable precision. Inside, most of them unerringly beat two centuries of tradition: a movement designed and made by ETA S.A., Manufacture Horlogère Suisse, Europe's leading source of mechanical and quartz movements and their components.

A Swiss firm headquartered in the town of Grenchen, in the western part of the country, owned by one of the world's largest watch-industry company, the Swatch Group. The unending flow of time is reflected in ETA's ceaseless development of horological technology and steadily expanding product lines. ETA production facilities are located in Switzerland as well as Germany, France, Far East and turn out a range of uniquely sophisticated time products designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

ETA's core business activity is the volume and limited-series production of watch movements and components. The company also turns out complete watches, notably for the well-known Swatch brand, whose unconventional styling and innovative assembly technology have today irresistibly conquered world markets.

The leading supplier of watch movements and components to major watch makers both in Switzerland and abroad for many years now, ETA has become a major partner for the watch industry as a whole. It has made a point of mastering the full range of watch-industry technologies so as to consolidate its leading position in the ongoing development of Swiss watchmaking. The company continues to expand production of watch components and complete movements to enable it to meet whatever demands the market makes. It intends to continue doing so in the years ahead, investing its creative and technical skills in the design and production of innovative finished products as it builds up its assembly facilities for movements and finished watches.