"2_NewModels_2013.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2013"); $collection[2012][1]=array("file"=>"2_NewModels_2012_PICS.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2012 Pics"); $collection[2012][2]=array("file"=>"2_NewModels_2012_TEXTS.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2012 Texts"); // $collection[2011][1]=array("file"=>"2_New_Models_2011_PICS.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2011 Pics"); $collection[2011][2]=array("file"=>"2_New_Models_2011_TEXTS.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2011 Texts"); // $collection[2010][1]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_PICS1.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Pics1"); $collection[2010][2]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_PICS2.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Pics2"); $collection[2010][3]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_PICS3.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Pics3"); $collection[2010][4]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_PICS4.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Pics4"); $collection[2010][5]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_PICS5.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Pics5"); $collection[2010][6]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_TEXTS.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Texts"); // $collection[2009][1]=array("file"=>"2_NewModels_BASELWORLD2009.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2009"); // $collection[2008][1]=array("file"=>"2_Formula1GrandeDate.zip","name"=>"Formula 1 Grande Date"); $collection[2008][2]=array("file"=>"2_GrandCarreraCal6.zip","name"=>"Grand Carrera Cal6"); $collection[2008][3]=array("file"=>"2_GrandCarreraCal8.zip","name"=>"Grand Carrera Cal8"); $collection[2008][4]=array("file"=>"2_GrandCarreraCal17.zip","name"=>"Grand Carrera Cal17"); $collection[2008][5]=array("file"=>"2_GrandCarreraCal36&Concept.zip","name"=>"Grand Carrera Cal36 et Concept"); $collection[2008][6]=array("file"=>"2_PressTextsBW.zip","name"=>"Press Texts BW"); $collection[2008][7]=array("file"=>"2_SLRCalSLaptimer.zip","name"=>"SLR CalS Laptimer"); ?>


About TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is the Swiss Avant-Garde watchmaker since 1860. Avant-garde is our culture and our philosophy. TAG Heuer’s unique heritage is built on pushing boundaries and breaking rules: harnessing mental fortitude to overcome technology restraints and create watches with real racing spirit. The brand has marked the history of watchmaking, especially in the field of chronographs with an unparalleled mechanical accuracy. With Jean-Claude Biver, TAG Heuer CEO and President of the LVMH Watch Division at the helm, the new models – including the TAG Heuer Connected watch - reveal a new dynamic in terms of both the performance touch and a completely transformed environment: TAG Heuer is currently the only watch brand to be able to communicate in the four different worlds Art, Lifestyle, Sport and Heritage. Its partnerships in motor racing with the F1 Red Bull Racing Team, the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco, the Formula E FIA championship, the Indianapolis Indy 500, the legendary Pikes Peak and Carrera Panamericana races, in global football with the Premier League, the Bundesliga, the Spanish LaLiga, the American Major Soccer League, the Japanese National League, the Chinese Football League, the Asian Cup, the National Men Australian team, in cycling with the BMC Racing Team, the Abu Dhabi Tour and the Dubai Tour, and the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race in Australia, the World Surf League with the Big Wave Tour, etc… and the brand ambassadors, living football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, it-girl Cara Delevingne,Bella Hadid, American Quarterback Tom Brady, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, Patrick Dempsey, DJs David Guetta & Martin Garrix, and Géraldine Fasnacht in Switzerland… all reflect common core values of mental strength, disruptive attitude and ambition. The brand’s motto #DontCrackUnderPressure is far more than a command – it is a mindset. TAG Heuer is part of the LVMH Group. For more information on TAG Heuer, please visit our website http://tagheuer.com