"2_NewModels_2013.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2013"); $collection[2012][1]=array("file"=>"2_NewModels_2012_PICS.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2012 Pics"); $collection[2012][2]=array("file"=>"2_NewModels_2012_TEXTS.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2012 Texts"); // $collection[2011][1]=array("file"=>"2_New_Models_2011_PICS.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2011 Pics"); $collection[2011][2]=array("file"=>"2_New_Models_2011_TEXTS.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2011 Texts"); // $collection[2010][1]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_PICS1.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Pics1"); $collection[2010][2]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_PICS2.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Pics2"); $collection[2010][3]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_PICS3.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Pics3"); $collection[2010][4]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_PICS4.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Pics4"); $collection[2010][5]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_PICS5.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Pics5"); $collection[2010][6]=array("file"=>"2_New_models_2010_TEXTS.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2010 Texts"); // $collection[2009][1]=array("file"=>"2_NewModels_BASELWORLD2009.zip","name"=>"New Models BASELWORLD 2009"); // $collection[2008][1]=array("file"=>"2_Formula1GrandeDate.zip","name"=>"Formula 1 Grande Date"); $collection[2008][2]=array("file"=>"2_GrandCarreraCal6.zip","name"=>"Grand Carrera Cal6"); $collection[2008][3]=array("file"=>"2_GrandCarreraCal8.zip","name"=>"Grand Carrera Cal8"); $collection[2008][4]=array("file"=>"2_GrandCarreraCal17.zip","name"=>"Grand Carrera Cal17"); $collection[2008][5]=array("file"=>"2_GrandCarreraCal36&Concept.zip","name"=>"Grand Carrera Cal36 et Concept"); $collection[2008][6]=array("file"=>"2_PressTextsBW.zip","name"=>"Press Texts BW"); $collection[2008][7]=array("file"=>"2_SLRCalSLaptimer.zip","name"=>"SLR CalS Laptimer"); ?>


About TAG Heuer

In 1860, at the age of 20, Edouard Heuer founded his watchmaker’s workshop in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. Creating the Mikrograph in 1916, sponsoring Formula 1 teams in the 1970s or launching the first luxury connected watch in 2015 are just a few examples of the major technical innovations, ultimate accuracy and passion for disruptive design that define our unique spirit. Headquartered in La Chaux-de-Fonds, TAG Heuer operates in four production sites – mastering the whole watchmaking process – and is represented on all continents through 4,500 points of sale, including 170 TAG Heuer boutiques that are now directly available on www.tagheuer.com in selected countries. TAG Heuer timepieces are designed for those who love challenges. Our influence is enhanced by our unique communication based on three pillars: sport, lifestyle and heritage, embodying our legacy and DNA. Our partnerships and ambassadors illustrate our open-minded and open-door culture, with the most prestigious and avant-garde names teaming up with TAG Heuer: the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, the Formula E championship, the biggest football leagues in Europe, the Americas and Asia and actors Chris Hemsworth and Patrick Dempsey. #DontCrackUnderPressure is much more than just a claim – it’s a state of mind. Find out more at www.tagheuer.com