Since 1980 Svend Andersen has been manufacturing complicated timepieces and "pièces uniques" for watch collectors. He holds world records like the smallest lady annual calender, the smallest perpetuel calender, the thinnest world time watch ever produced etc. He created many annual and perpetuel calenders and even the secular perpetuel calender. Today’s watch collection is composed of the following models - Montre "à Tact" (without hands) where one can read time in a small window between the lugs thus letting personalization of the dial with miniature-painting or hand "guillochage" - "Cabinet de Curiosités" that offers very complicated Erotical Automatons on the back of the watch with bespoke dials possibilities - Watches with multiple time zones – World Time watches (Tempus Terrae) - "pièces uniques" manufactured in collaboration with watch collectors - "Hautes Complications" – Perpetuel Secular Calender 20th Anniversary Blue Gold dial Watches with perpetuel calender usually have the normal leap year cycle. Exceptions are big astronomic clocks as well as two pocket watches made by Patek Philippe, one being the famous "Calibre 89" and the other is a watch that was made in the seventies for an American collector. After having manufactured the first ever wristwatch with Jewish Calender – The Hebraïka, ANDERSEN Genève created in 1996 the “Perpetuel Secular Calender”. It was the first 100% perpetuel calender Horological Wristwatch Calender programmed for 400 years – or even 800 years. This watch has been adorned by watch collectors worldwide. In 2016, to celebrate its 20th Anniversary, ANDERSEN Genève adds one more complication, Art works, and presents the “Perpetuel Secular Calender” 20th Anniversary with Week Days Indication.