Founded in 1929 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a cradle of Swiss watchmaking, Jovial was first and foremost the fulfillment of a dream of the watchmaker Droz. The company gradually developed to become Jovial Montres SA and moved to Bienne in 1946. The brand will be celebrating its 77th anniversary next year. It not only continues to rely upon its history and know-how to offer a broad range of watches crafted in the grand Swiss tradition, but also constantly develops new models with new technology, using the best designers and engineers to strongly establish itself on the international markets.


The Swiss brand Jovial has completed 77 years in the art of watch making. Three quarters of a century of success, during which the company has been able to draw upon its history and its know-how to offer a board range of watches, crafted in harmony with the grand Swiss watch making tradition and skilful designers to assert itself on the main international markets. Jovial witnessed a milestone in its history when Mr. Mohamed Dabaan ,the present Jovial CEO, took over the firm in 1988 with the vision of modernizing the brand while remaining true to its solid traditions and values, its pioneering spirit and its quality craftsmanship. Jovial means a "reflection of joy and happiness".