Brand identity

camel active is an international fashion brand for active men which accompanies consumers in their daily urban lives. Masculine, authentic and honest, camel active demonstrates its openness for innovations which characterize the brand’s authentic and premium style. With camel active men can be free, satisfy their curiosity, experience new things, master challenges and forget everyday life around them: The camel active team is always on the hunt for new discoveries and travels to some of the fascinating urban and exotic places planet earth has to offer. Always on the move – the camel active sportswear and accessories. The Swiss made watches are in tune with nature and robust which makes them a reliable partner both far beyond civilisation and in the city. Sophisticated watch technology and a clear design effortlessly keep up with the time. The man of the world loves variety and the unique. These men like to stand out from the crowd. The numerous models of the camel active timewear collection offer this variety.

Brand values

- Team spirit - Exotic countries - Close to nature in an urban environment - Truth - Reliability & Functionality - Love of Life - Activity

Target group

- People who love the change between city and nature - Active people - Open and curious people - People who want a good, functional sports watch - Men who love the products’ striking touch and longevity