Venerating the Heart of the Timepiece - ARMIN STROM Company Story

Independent Swiss manufacture ARMIN STROM's philosophy honors the most important part of any timepiece - its movement. The firm creates mechanical wristwatches with a strong, modern esthetic featuring open-worked movements. Because this reveals the interior, the design of the calibre is paramount to the overall look of the timepiece. Unlike most brands, ARMIN STROM conceives and engineers its watches with the more intricate side of the caliber on top, and showcases the horologic artistry by exposing the working timekeeping elements. For owners, the animated dial fosters a deeper appreciation of the mechanical engineering and creates a visceral connection between owner and timepiece. Armin Strom founded the company in 1967 in Burgdorf, Switzerland. Because of his exceptional skill as watchmaker, he earned acclaimed as a master skeletonizer. Strom sold the company to the Michel family in 2006 and retired in 2011. By focusing on open-worked and skeleton designs, owner Serge Michel and director and chief horologist Claude Greisler extend Mr. Strom's legacy while leading the company into a new era. They transformed the company's capabilities by establishing the state-of-the-art manufacture in 2008, allowing ARMIN STROM to develop and produce its own in-house movements. ARMIN STROM is a full-scale vertical manufacture, with two dozen employees and all master trades involved in the design and production of movements orchestrated in the facility in Biel/Bienne. This fosters a close collaboration between conception and production, creating a dynamic and innovative product development cycle. It also allows them to maintain the greatest possible industrial autonomy and carry out the full product development cycle within the most efficient timescale. Demonstrating the strategy's success, all eight of ARMIN STROM's calibers are designed and produced in-house, including a micro-rotor tourbillon, one of the most challenging in horology. ARMIN STROM produces about 500 timepieces a year. Its collections are produced in a limited series and sold by authorized retailers around the world. Michel and Greisler are racing enthusiasts who enjoy the affinity between watchmaking and other finely engineered machines. ARMIN STROM produces a number of racing-inspired timepieces and acts as sponsoring partner of professional teams and brand ambassadors. In 2015, ARMIN STROM is the official watch partner of Gumball 3000, a transcontinental car rally. As part of this partnership, ARMIN STROM will produce three Gumball 3000 watch designs in numbered editions. Since 2014, the ARMIN STROM Sailing Team - operating a GC32 catamaran that uses lifting foils to almost fly above water - has competed across Europe and internationally.