EBEL’s success has been built upon the perfect fusion of technical excellence and a passion for aesthetically daring and timeless, distinctive design. EBEL was founded by husband and wife Eugene Blum and Alice Levy, in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1911. Since its inception, EBEL has remained true to their core values, producing fine Swiss watches that marry beauty and function. 
In 2017, EBEL celebrates its heritage with an icon of 1970s’ sport chic design: the EBEL Sport Classic. The relaunch of this classic timepiece, a pillar of the brand’s renown in the 1970s and 1980s, is a tribute to EBEL’s formidable craftsmanship during this era. This is a watch whose beauty flows from its simplicity, and which has become a design signature throughout the entire EBEL collection.
 “We went through a repositioning of the brand last year and the EBEL Sport Classic was at the center of it. This timepiece is both the symbol of our founding philosophy “Beauty marries Function” and a significant milestone in the history of EBEL. Not only has this watch become the ultimate signature and inspiration for all EBEL collections, it has been recognized as a true icon in the watch industry. The challenge in relaunching the EBEL Sport Classic 40 years later was to be able to respect the essence of the original model while enhancing it with today’s craftsmanship.  The result is outstanding, and the response has been fantastic. I would like to thank my team for their efforts and I’m very proud that our Icon is back.” Flavio Pellegrini (President of EBEL)